Hug me and go to hell..........

by Dawn 13 Replies latest jw friends

  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    Shame on you Lew!!!!!!!!!You are a bad boy! I'll never invite you to MY toilet class!!!!!

    It also sounds like that "sister" isn't keeping up on her studies!

    Kind of like saying "Good luck" or "Good fortune"...Strain that gnat!


  • DJ

    Hi Dawn,

    While reading your thread I thought the same way as Robyn. She seems like a hugger type of person and they are usually very caring people. She didn't shun you, she hugged you and since JW's don't believe in hell.....she was obviously joking and trying to let you know that she doesn't find shunning appropriate. I can't understand why you don't see this. Wow.....Dawn and I thought I was in a bad mood today. lol Maybe next time you see her you can clear this up. She just may be ready to listen. Love, Dj

  • Farkel

    : I wondered why the baptism pool water started boiling when I stepped in it last year (ha ha)

    After 12+ years of being DFd why in the heck would you want to step into a baptismal pool? It's demonized, you know.


  • Kingpawn
    Maybe the door has just opened a little crack for you to peek in?

    Think about it. She PUBLICLY hugs you a few times, jokes about "going to hell" and talks to you, knowing you've been df'ed. Sounds like an independent-thinking person who's more than just a closet rebel against WT doctrines. She may well be reachable.

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