Evidence of "Independent Thinking"

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  • Had Enough
    Had Enough

    Hello COMF:
    What a wonderfully encouraging story. It seems like your family is on the right track and that your Son1 sees things with more mature eyes now.

    Oviously from many experiences related here, age doesn't necessarily bring maturity to all. It's too bad that there's many still-active witnesses young and old, who seem to think treatment of df'd family members means no association with them at all and try to enforce that on others. I don't know how these ones explain the fact that there are other active witnesses who believe the rule that only spiritual association is taboo, so that family association, with those not living at home, is OK. Maybe someday I'll be able to ask the rest of my family how they explain this two-sided practice. They just don't seem to take the time to think the logic through.

    I think I'll probably get an answer like, "well if they want to breakthe rules that's their personal opinion and they'll have to answer for it..as for us, we'll obey Jehovah" or something along those typical JW lines.

    As for your family, I'm really glad to hear after all these years you are starting to see some progress to a smoother relationship with each other and can experience some hope now.

    Love your sense of humour re: "Millions now living..."

    Had Enough

  • expatbrit


    Thanks for the encouraging post! It's always good to hear of successes that posters have with their JW families.

    I hope your son continues in his spiritual progress!


  • unclebruce

    Thanks for sharing Cap'n,

    The photos are great - last time I saw those lads they were crawling all over you on a hamock My girls are both in Uni now - Amy (20) is doing an arts degree. Renee (18) is doing an accountancy degree - she's very bright (like her mother) - say's "it's all about the money Dad" (accountants are highly paid and in big demand)

    Where there's life there's hope Cap'n and your boy looks lively enough to me (give him 5 years max)

    cheers, great story, unc.

  • patio34


    Thanks for relating your story. It came at a great time for me as my gung-ho-pioneer-ms son is coming to visit me for a month--tomorrow. And I just quit attending meetings a month ago and he doesn't know. So you can see how much your story means to me. Thanks.

    I've received more positive info and stimulating discussions than I ever received at the . . . BORING . . . meetings! Plus, the conversation before and after seems so superficial, don't you think? And when the friends did get together, it seemed forced friendship. Not the naturally occurring kind. I have always (guiltily) felt closer to the folks at work than at the meetings.

    Well, anyway, this forum means a lot to me and I look forward every day to the new ideas on it.


  • happytobefree


    Now that's an experience I want to spew to others. I'm so happy for you and your family.

    May you continue in your blessings.

    Happy to be Free (Me)

  • NewLight2

    Good for you, COMF! Thanks for sharing your personal stories with us here on the net. I've been following your history and I'm always glad to read an update, they are soooooo interesting.


  • outnfree

    Haven't been around long enough to know any of your history, COMF, but am very appreciative of your story.

    I think you have every reason to be hopeful and you ARE a model to us all in the knowing when to speak and when to keep silent area.

    Thanks for posting.

  • Latte


    I feel so HAPPY for you.....


  • BadAssociate

    comf - that was great - thanks


  • Prisca

    COMF, glad to see that you are enjoying a better relationship with Son1 now. I hope he realises that blood is definately thicker than WT paper!

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