How was your first Christmas?

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    Firstly: Congratulations to Onacruse and Bikerchic on your planned wedding!

    My first Christmas was in 1994, 7 months after I ran away! I went with my boyfriend to his family in Whitley Bay. It was fun, but I did feel weird. When we visited his extended family, there'd always be a little gift for me. Sweet, them thinking of me.

    The next couple of years I spent Christmas with my best friend Nick. Nick and I looked after each other when we both miserable divorcees!!

    Then the next 4 Christmas's I was at my boyfriends family. His mum is a great cook, and family dinners are usually mirthful affairs, Christmas is no exception.

    So, we got married and moved into our first home together last year. I invited the family (parents-in-law and sister-in-law) to our home for Christmas. So I cooked my first Christmas dinner at the age of 30. My SiL does not eat much, so I scaled all the recipes for the trimmings (stuffing, veg) down to 4 portions. MiL turned up with dishes of stuffing, too. In the end we could barely fit all the food on the table. I did the brussel sprouts with bacon and chestnuts baked in the oven. The sprouts were still....crunchy. I have been teased about these raw veg all year, so this year, the sprouts are starting cooking on Dec.1. That is the traditional English way to cook them anyway. Oh and I did prawn and avocado for starters. And a choice of shop bought individual puddings.

    This year I might do a goose.

    The problem I have is with decorating the house. I can't quite let myself go and have a tree. To be honest I think a lot of Christmas stuff is tacky anyway. Last year I sprayed pine cones gold and silver and had them in dishes, and I made a wreath and we had fairy lights. I just don't seem able to develop my own style for Christmas, and I have nothing to draw a reference from. But I like it!!

    At the end of the day, a midwinter festival is necessary to bring cheer and brightness to the chill and gloom.

    More mulled wine anyone? Mince pie?

  • DJ


    I wish you lived near me. I would love to have you for a friend. I too have hurt people because of those teachings. We probably all have! We messed up big time but it's in the past. Regrets are painful but atleast we finally learned. I just wish that we could erase the past sometimes but I guess that if we did....then we wouldn't be who we are now. >>>>>big sigh>>>>> I love ya Gracie.

    I've read here a few times that you lost 3 children. That blows my mind, Grace. What on earth happened, if I may ask. If you don't want to say here......that's fine. It just sounds so shocking and painful. Love, Dj

  • bikerchic

    Like Craig first will be my best ever! No wait, from now on X-Mas will be VERY SPECIAL!

    bc (of the LOVES onacruse class)

  • imanaliento

    my husband and I celebrated before coming in the borg. two of our sons had a few X-mas's and I am so thankful I kept those precious pictures and not thrown them out with the other holiday stuff. Son # 3 will be celebrating his firsts with us this year and is making his list. the year we had quit (celebrating) I bought a small indoor norfolk island pine tree, still have it and now it's over 4 feet tall and ready to be one of many trees to be decorated this year. Jackie

  • Valis

    My first Xmas was spent w/my tattoo artist and his family. They treated my like I was one of the family and even had presents for me. Apparently they always have a couple extra gifts laying around in case of unexpected company. I got socks and a pair of gloves. I always remember it so clearly....cognac and a cigar on the porch after dinner....good people who knew what loving kindness really is, and feeling like I fit in.


    District Overbeer

  • mouthy

    Thanks for understanding DJ- I was married when I was 16......3rd of May- I was 17 on the 22nd of May...Of course I was before my time- I was pregnant!!!! Those Canadians knew how to woe us.... My husband was the Father of my baby----He was 19.... my parents threw me out____( story of my life -rejection---) I was Bombed by a Buzz bomb the day before my baby was born( I lived in London)

    but moved to Surrey ( Cranliegh) That is where I was bombed. My baby was named" Faith Virginia"

    by my Mother ( so she would be a virgin unlike me she said) ..I came to Canada as a warbride at 19 years old with my new baby AnnMarie ( she is a JW now) Then 15 months after I had Alan my son- He died with a heart attack at 46 yrs old 8 yrs ago, Then I had Susan 17 months after that She drove me to PA- was raised JW-is now out! Then 8 yrs after Susan was born I had Melanie she was

    raised JW. But when we went to England to make my parents JWS( didnt happen) she fell in love with the boy next door to my parents-unbeliever. He asked her to come stay with my parents & work in England for a year. Unbeknown to me- she was trying to get away from my teachings ( JWS)She told me that after I came out...She had Hogkins decease when she came over here to live with her new hubby( the one next door to my Mum)she was 20 by this time. But after heavy radiation they said she was cured. After 8 years she had a son!Terry- Then she had twins two years later ( now 18,& the twins 16. ) She died three years ago -they said it was from the radiation induced cancer,of the breast- went through her whole body-she was 42 soon to be 43...

    She was a really WONDERFUL Christian. There were write ups in the paper when she died.Because she was so special. She begged me to keep on with the support group as she said JWS are child abusers......If you knew what SHE went through.....MY Fault- No Christmas. No boyfriends- No Mini skirts- no school sports ( bad associations) No Birthday... Oh let us leave it there. I regret!!!!!!!!!

  • JeffT

    We started our exit in the spring of 1988. We celebrated our first Christmas has a family that year. Wife and I were not raised in the Borg, so it wasn't totally overwhelming for us, but it was certainly very special. The kids loved us. People who know us, and know how long we've been married, are a bit perplexed by our hallmark ornament that says "1988 - Our first Christmas together."

  • Valis

    Jeff...don't forget to look at the King Crimson thread again...I posted something for you.


    District Overbeer

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  • mouthy

    I should correst that I studied with 10- 6 became JWs

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