God/Bible...why does it cause Anger/Bitterness?

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  • gumby

    I was on another thread today reeming out Pomegranite when he replied back with"why do you get so angry and bitter with the way I feel"? He said"do I hurt you or others"

    He really made me think. I am an easy going guy who gets along with everyone. I can discuss most anything with anyone and keep my cool. But....

    Why is it when it comes to the Bible and God subject......I lash out at people who's idea's seem strange to me? Why is it when a sincere Dub makes a statement that is about something we have learned is bogus do we/I get so damn mad? Is it because this subject is so important to us that we can't handle people who seem to come from left field? I could really use some input on this.

  • gumby

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  • Valis

    Perhaps gumby you aren't pissed at the people who make the post, but its the fact that they are still stuck in a really bad belief system that pisses you off so bad. I think sometimes we wish so badly that everyone was free from the bullshit that when we see them still revolving around JWland that it is a constant reminder of what you could still be.


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  • Jesika

    Well Valis pretty much said what I was thinking of writing. Good post Val, and I agree!!!!!

  • pomegranate

    Great people came from left field. Yo gumby, Remember Yaz?

  • Elsewhere

    Some people get angry because they are under the impression that the bible contains an absolute truth. Once a person belives that the bible contains an absolute truth, he feels compelled to have everyone else belived the absolute truth they way he does. When he see's that people don't see the same absolute truth that he does, he gets frustrated... and angry.

    When people try to impose the supposed absolute truth on me, such a shunning, I get angry.

  • shera

    Sometimes I don't believe the bible is totally 100%. "I" think God wouldn't allow his word to be so confusing and so many ways to interpet it.Sometimes I don't really know what to believe,when it comes to it.I take it the way I want.

  • shera

    Elsewhere,I agree with you there.

  • Windchaser

    Elsewhere, I think you've hit the nail right on the head. What other book causes so much anger and division? It doesn't bring people together. It is confusing and written so 'mysteriously' that it can be taken in so many ways.

    When people think that they've actually deciphered it, they feel impelled to impose their beliefs on others. Isn't that what the bible tells you to do? Then the fights begin.

    Edited to add: Sorry, Shera, I just read your post and realize that I pretty much said what you said.

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  • musky

    I feel that some ex-witnesses are very angry that they (we) allowed ourselves to be controlled by the WBTS. This same type of feeling is present whenever there is anything discussed about religeon or God, as in this forum. The attitude is, " I AINT TAKIN NO CRAP FROM NOBODY! NOBODY CONTROLS ME ANYMORE!"

    I personally try not to get angry at people who don't agree with me. I just try to reason with them. Of course there are always a**holes. Those people get no response from me.

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