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  • Dawn

    It seems that no matter how successful I am in life (family, career, social, money, etc...) it doesn't matter to my mother......her comment is always something like "When are you going to do something about the truth".

    I get so agrivated that I want to scream!! I have explained to her that I no longer believe the governing body to be directed by God - she knows I don't believe it is the truth any longer - yet every few months she says "When are you going to do something about your life" - it's like she's talking to a recovering drug addict just coming out of rehab with no job and nowhere to something about your life..........she just doesn't get it. I HAVE done something about my life - I ESCAPED and started to actually LIVE my life.

    I spent last weekend with her - it was the 1 yr anniversary of my dad's passing so my son and I took her out of town to keep her mind off of things. Everytime I asked how so and so is doing it was either (1) they're great, they're really busy in the ministry and blah blah blah, or (2) they dropped out of the truth and they're not doing anything (regardless of the fact that they may be completing a master's degree in college - working on a cure for cancer - or have just received the nobel peace prize) - they're not doing anything

    It bothers me because I know no matter how good I do in life, no matter how much I help her (and I will regardless of all things), no matter the eyes of all my family I am a LOSER because I don't want to be a witness any longer. I'm equal to a homeless, desolate, streetwalker - just a LOSER until I come back to the truth.

    GAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDSSSSSSSS sometimes it just really p*sses me off!!

  • Solace


    I can totally relate.

    I finally stopped trying to please my family and admitted to them that I just DONT believe in the WTS. I still talk to them but I now put most of my energy into doing things for myself, my kids, and my community. You know, its much easier to stay positive when the things you do are appreciated instead of critisized.

    Dont beat your head against the wall & be yourself, ya know?

  • more2C


    I know how you feel. My dad is the only one in our family that is still a JW. He used to pressure me to come to the meetings. We only go once a year to the memorial. I dread it each time it comes up. He is getting better. But I know how frustrating and how blind parents can be, when it comes to the "truth." Just wanted to let you know you are not alone.


  • Witch Child
    Witch Child

    awww yuck! That is so awful. I really feel for you. It sounds so frustating.

    I don't have to deal with it myself, I guess I am really lucky.


  • moana


    I just can't understand it either - people of other faiths aren't constantly on the conversion track. My parent doesn't speak to me anymore & I still get WT sent to me. Being tossed to the devil should be a good thing considering that Jehovah has a big stick. It certainly doesn't seem like a loving christian attitiude to treat people this way. It still makes me hurt because I keep looking to this site to remind myself that I'm not a bad person.

    Look forward to the meetup group that gets together next weekend. It helps to know that I'm not alone in feeling cast out & isolated from family. At least your mom speaks to you - guess relationships can never be truly loving amogst a cult.

    love drea

  • gumby

    Why not ask her.."tell me mom....when are you going to leave the truth"?

    It's real fair isn't it, that they can ask us THEIR questions, ...but ask them some, and you are an Apostate trying to take people from Jehovah.

    This question your mother asks you is a programmed question. The other one is.."when are you going to come back to the meetings"

    I have the same braindead's sad isn't it?

  • NewLight2

    You might try a search on this site for threads dealing with the WT and the UN subject matter. Download and print out this info. When you know this information well, then begin to ask your mom "questions" about this information. Ask her to find out the "answers to your questions" from the elders. They will not be able to provide the answers you need. Keep asking deeper and deeper questions about this subject. Maybe this behaviour will get your mother to begin to think for herself instead of just accepting what she is told as the "whole truth".

    I'm sure that others on this board will be able to help you to "ask the right questions" to make your mom think for herself.


  • out4good3
    a programmed question. The other one is.."when are you going to come back to the meetings"

    Or the more veiled " we miss you at the meetings." Both of which serves to do nothing but induce guilt.

  • Jesika

    On the brighter side of things--------------at least she TALKS to you!! I haven't heard on single word from ANYONE on my dad's side of the family in 11yrs. I haven't heard from my own father since Aug. (I think it has to do with the K. Ministry that month)

    I know what she says isn't very supportive, but at least she will talk to you, alot of us here don't even have that.


  • shera

    I'm one of the lucky ones,I have no close family in the meetings.My mother is so relieved out outta there.It just be very fusterating for you all.

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