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  • LovesDubs

    Our friend and true brother, Silentlambs, has been diligently and wholeheartedly coming to the aid of the victims of JW molestation for months now, sacrificing much on their behalf and on OUR behalf to fight for justice. Now is the time that YOU can help Silentlambs so he can continue to devote his time to this crucial issue. Please read the following. And pass on the information to your mailing lists! I dont have a molestation story to tell, but I know that I can help keep Silent and his family afloat while he helps OTHERS to tell THEIRS. Please help him too, and keep him and his family in your prayers as well.

    I received the following:

    Subj: Dear Brothers and Sisters
    Date: 4/1/2001 3:02:29 AM Eastern Daylight Time

    As you all know an elder stepped down from a Kingdom hall recently in Kentucky. Because of his conscience he no longer supports the Watchtower and in making his stand he is also being shunned by those he used to think are his friends. I have helped him get his story out on a web site called Home Page (

    In addition this person takes with him the losses in business by those who used to exchange business with him before this shunning. He has a candle business called Candles, Candles, Candles by Aromescence: Triplescent Candles are hand-made and Triple Scented for the finest quality scente It is (

    This is how this ex elder made his living and now this living has been affected by his choices and his conscience. I ask that you view both sites; 1. His current work against the WTB&TS regarding Child Molest and 2. Support his effort by supporting him at his business selling candles. May God bless your families and keep you safe always.

    If you know any ex JWs who have experienced Child Molestestation within the walls of the WT please share this information with them. This is a work that needs all our support and encouragement.

    Yours In Christ

    LovesDubs thanks you!!

  • mommy

    Thank you!!! I too feel like my hands are tied without being able to help silentlambs. I am glad to know there is a way we all can have an share in this fight. I am sure the burden is great for him, and obviously his business is going to be affected by the decisions he makes.
    I will never forget a brother in our hall owned a meat supply store. Everyone in the hall supported him, until he was Df. I will never forget in service that week, alot made the comment that they would have to find another place to buy their meat. I am sure silentlambs is facing the same rejection now.
    BTW I just love candles!!! Better than those smell good cans, that cause holes in the atmosphere

  • rollercoaster

    My heart goes out to Silentlambs. And to all the Brothers and Sisters that lose their business because of the org. I too am facing the difficult task of keeping business activities going and not upset the JWs involved financially. One wrong move, and I will lose my business.
    It happened recently to a Brother when an elder screwed his wife.
    The whole thing makes me mad.
    We should all order candles and help Silentlambs maintain some financial stability.


  • ozziepost

    I am wondering if these candles can be shipped to Australia?


  • rollercoaster

    I just orderd. Yes it appears they can be shipped anywhere. I'm anxious to get my order. I love smelly stuff.


  • stephenw20

    Me thinks the wife would like some candles......

    how simply fitting since she wont budge from the party line!

    in fact told me this morningshe sees nothing wrong with the two witness thing after I asked her what if it were our children?

    can you beleive it?


  • TR

    My wife loves candles. I'm there!


  • VeniceIT

    AHHHH the Candles Smell Great Especially the Mulberry, that's my personal fav. The brandy one's awesome too!!!

    Great idea loves,


  • riz


    Thank you so much for this information. If I can help Silentlambs in his courageous pursuit for justice, I certainly will. I am ordering candles. Again, thank you for posting this in support of him. His efforts won't go unrewarded.


  • waiting

    hey lovesdubs,

    Thank you for this practical way to help another who is helping others!

    And I love vanilla candles. Gee, candles don't go bad as they get older, so I guess I could order enough to last me a while?

    And with the holidays next year - what a time to buy just to be sure I'll have enough for the festivities!!!

    I'm on my way there now....


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