Governing Body Obesity

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  • punkofnice

    Let's face it. the WBT$ and the Bible have very little to do with each other. The leaders and bullies withing the cult will always break whatever rules they want and when they want. The 'guidance(tm)' from the bible will never apply to the leaders and bullies. and you know what? They'll get away with it too.

    The Governing body are gluttonous perverts and probably child abusers to boot!

  • sir82

    Have you seen the July broadcast?

    ToMo looks about 20-30 pounds heavier than he did in his last presentation 7 months ago.

    Either that or his suit is poorly fitted.

  • ToesUp


    Don't you know the camera adds 10lbs? lol

  • blondie
    Just to note, being overweight does not equal gluttony; I have seen thin people eat gobs of food; had one clear out the bowl of potatoes when I had guests; never let them go first at the table again.
  • ToesUp

    I agree with blondie.

    I don't think anyone here is being disrespectful to overweight people. I could stand to loose 30lbs myself.

    I think what most here are trying to convey is that you can't make generalizations towards people.

    i.e. Everyone that wears tight pants is not gay (remember the Beetles?)

    Sisters who wear spandex (or Spanx) as Anthony Morris stated in his Zone talk are not sluts.

    Brothers who are 23 and not yet a MS are not good mates. Really? I have met some of the most wonderful men who are past 23 and not a MS. I am married to one. The best mate EVER!

    I think if the GB, Elders, CO's or even the Rank in file, for that matter, are gonna dish it out you had better be able to take it.

    Just sayin.

  • Quarterback
    I'm afraid that I'm one of those Overweight people. I blame it on those Dam potato chips. If I don't watch myself I could eat a whole big bag of em, while watching TV. Then the TV advertising flashes images of Pizza, Hamburgers, Pasta, and Hot Dogs. I have low self control when it comes to junk food. Maybe I'm a glutton. They make Gluten free products, why can't they make things Glutton free?
  • ToesUp


    I feel your pain! I love chips and salsa and lots of wine.

  • jws

    I've introduced this topic before and people got offended. I'm not calling names and I could lose a few pounds myself.

    But aside from "gluttony", being overweight tends to cause health problems. Heart problems, joint problems, and others.

    They brush this aside and only speak of gluttony. I think basically saying a thin person could be a glutton too. Size is irrelevant. And a fat person can gain weight even if they try to eat right. So they're saying gluttony and size have no correlation. It's all about the greed. Maybe, maybe not. But being overweight is still not healthy.

    And many people do contribute to their own waistline. Just a little overeating or choice of foods. Steak instead of chicken, sweets instead of veggies, etc. How many people are programmed from childhood to have a dessert after dinner? Nothing gluttonous, but over 20, 30 years, it can be seen.

    And yet they're going to say a smoker should be disfellowshipped for ruining the body God gave them. But a guy who's 300 pounds because he eats double-bacon cheeseburgers on a regular basis is just fine?

    I'm for neither. I think they're both bad. I just don't like the double-standard.

    And for somebody from the Governing Body to be ruining "the temple God gave them" seems inexcusable. He should be treated like a smoker.

  • eyeuse2badub

    But remember that jehober loves the smell of FAT burning. It's a "restful odor" to him. LOL

    just saying!


  • Vidiot

    daringhart13 - "Here is my take on the hypocrisy that is rampant obesity among JW's:

    Nice. I especially liked your translation of "Listen, Obey, and Be Blessed"; well done.

    I'm gonna peruse your blog when I have the time.

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