Ignorance Really Is Bliss

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  • jack2

    I just returned from a vacation, and it was great being away from it all. I was basically oblivious to what was going on in the world for 5 days.

    Now I'm back and among other things:

    The DC area sniper is still at large

    The North Koreans have a Nuke program after all

    The US is still seeking support for an invasion of Iraq

    Being on a beach and seeing how beautiful life can be, it's amazing how freaking screwed-up this world is. Where I was for 5 days, it was "no worries, mon", and "no problem, mon". Too bad the rest of the world doesn't work that way.

  • Joyzabel

    So, Jacka$$, how was Jamaca???

  • Solace

    "Ignorance is bliss"

    How nice to get away from it all, even if it was just for a little while, huh?

    ( Heaven, Turns off the tv.. )

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  • Crazy151drinker

    Well if you would have just stayed for a couple more months none of these things would have been a problem when you came back.

    "Escape is not his plan..."

  • jack2

    Well, might have to revise #1.....two guys apprehended in sniper investigation, from what I have heard on the news.

    Joy, I'll e-mail ye soon w details.

    Heaven....yes, part of the bliss was being too busy frolicking in the sun to bother with TV.

  • Sentinel

    Hi Jack,

    Welcome back. Yep, vacations give you some pleasure, some rest, some relaxation, and a feeling of "being out of the ordinary" for awhile.

    Now that you're back, you are back to the ordinary things you took a vacation "from". But, you have to come back, because your pockets are now empty and the "in basket" on your desk is piled high.

    Life is good. As the islanders all say: "Don't worry, Be happy"...

  • santacruzchick

    I haven't watched TV or read a newspaper in over a month, seems that since I've been at college I just haven't had the time, or desire to do so, however, I do get tid bits of news here and there, and the sniper thing really upsets me, I think it does more so than if i had been exposed to all the other violence and bad things happening in the news, its surprising how sensitive you can become to violence when you've been cut off of it for a while.

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