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  • Preston

    Greetings Pleasuredome (and fellow Depeche Mode fan) if anything, your post has made me even happier that I have not attended a District Convention in some time. I find it hilarious that this is a religion that claims to be identified by love, but which is bound by so much mistrust. Then again, JW's have a miserable PR record, and this shows what they truly think of non-believers (you'd need a pair of binoculars, but only to pick out the lone good samaritan from the crowd). Truthfully, I never understood the whole paranoia of apostates at conventions.If they had the truth, what would prevent them from believing otherwise. Apparently two suspected apostates did the trick. That just shows you were there priorities are. Interestingly, before you post I alway thought the Conventions to have very poor security. With what you described, it sounds like anyone would be lucky to take a piss without three people looking over your shoulder. Cheers!

  • Pepper

    Here is my run with the secret police, I was at a stadium too and these guys kept following me around the circle walk area I was doing nothing wrong first one then one more then I had three of them close behind me, I don't about the rest of you but when I got someone following me that is not a cop it bugs me real bad. So to make a long story short, I stopped and asked them real fast why are you following me, one of the guys who seemed like the leader said with a smerk we will ask the questions, right then I kicked the living shit out of all three of them and left them on the floor, it was just impulse one of them touched me and all hell broke lose, I don't regret, it the assholes. Pepper

  • ballistic

    that sure is some story.

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  • Pathofthorns

    Interesting experience. I knew certain ones were assigned to follow suspicious individuals (no badge, beards, dress out of the ordinary) but never heard of anything to the degree you mentioned.

    In all fairness, with the degree they have hurt and angered people, I don't think certain possibilities are unrealistic and their security measures are arguably justified.


  • Pepper

    A follow up to my last story, In 1972 I was eighteen years old, I went to an assmebly in Butte Montana, I somehow got a to be a night gard to walk around the grounds acting wise and tough with a few other brothers. Me and two others had the late watch, so we were sleeping in this loft area of the stadium, and these two girls came in giving sex to those that wanted it, well I and my friend did not want it, we were tired from traveling all day. Long about ten min latter her Dad came in and begain kicking us real hard in our ribs, I could not get out of my bag in time to defend my self, so we took a good ass beating for nothing. The next day a man who was this girls father came and said he was sorry, as soon as he said he was sorry I cold cocked him, and got in my car and went home five hundred miles away. Pepper

  • dottie


    Am sorry to hear that you had to go thru this. Although I have never been followed at an assembly, I do recall a certain time when I was out and about with some friends, smoking and drnking, generally up to no good (I was 16)... My mom managed to find out about this. I now know that she in fact had some friends from the KH, following me! I remember how violated I felt then...

    It just goes to show how paranoid these people can be...you'd think that they'd welcome strangers to a convention, but apparently not. Intstead of welcoming someone...they are treated like criminals.

    But we all know where the real criminals are don't we??


  • Pleasuredome

    thanks dottie

    looking back on it all it brings home to me just what a farce the conventions are. just a place of physical control and mind control.

    i was glad of the experience to be honest. a great eye opener to the control that the WTS like to exert. from then on i was on a different path, knowing i'd be outa this whole damn mess sooner rather than later.

  • ballistic

    I don't know if Pepper still posts (this is quite an old thread) but did anyone get the impression that his stories were complete fantasy?

  • hillary_step

    Pleasuredome - Well, now you know why most people want to escape from Wolverhampton to somewhere prettier like Alcatraz...lol


  • Pleasuredome


    yes, the story does seem a little bit hard to believe, and of hardly any relevance aswell.

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