Decline in Bird Population!!!!

by pettygrudger 16 Replies latest jw friends

  • gumby

    Does anyone here know what the humour of this thread is about? Doesn't sound like it.

    Back in the 60's a rumour was going around amoung the Witnesses that there was an increase in the bird population because the end was close and Jehovah was increasing the bird population to clean up the mess. many who have commented on this thread knew this? Just curious.

  • PopeOfEruke

    What the apostate scum on this board don't realise is that Jehoovah, Lord of Hosts, a God great in mercy and loving-kindness, can create NEW vultures out of ANTI-MATTER to make up the shortfall in vultures to pick clean the eyeballs of the non-JW's who will be mercifully slaughtered in the billions at Armegeddon! The anti-matter will probably come out of the galaxy in Pleoideis.

    Shiver with fear, Apostate dogs!


    PS Apologies to You Know Who (Know You)

  • pettygrudger

    I did - which is why I started this thread Gumby. I was a very young child when this rumor ran rampant in my KH - with that plus the above experience is exactly why I have such a psychological adversion to the winged creatures of this earth.

    I was just kidding, but I apologize if I offended you.

  • Kenneson

    "Quote the Raven: 'Nevermore!"

    Edgar Allen Poe

  • gumby

    You don't need to apologize...I wasn't offended. I was trying to help you out in case others didn't know...

    Take care, and thanks for the apology anyways.


  • riz

    i knew too, gumby. that's why i said what i said.

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    jerhoover will provide new light to the faithful about averies, and breeding little meat eating birds such as the Australian butcher bird, which will inflict prolonged picking and lengthen the pain, because it's their wicked ways that have depleted his birds.

    hey, don't laugh, you never know.

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