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  • Francois

    I understand that C of C is now out in a second edition and I'm wondering if there is sufficient difference between in the second edition to recommend it for re-reading?

    Many Thanks for your help.

  • Makena1

    I could be wrong, but I think there have been two new additions. I have the 2nd one, and know there were some additions/revisions, but cannot elaborate. However, the newest addition I heard has info on the UN fiasco among other items.

    I am sure someone else can provide further info.

    All best,


  • outnfree

    Hiya, Francois!

    Actually, CoC is on the Fourth Edition which I believe Zev said contains up-to-date information on the UN scandal.

    Probably worth picking up a copy if you only possess the First Edition.


  • Scully

    Hi Francois

    I have a newer edition of CoC. Read the first edition about 7 years ago.

    I think the "rule of thumb" with certain kinds of books (I'm thinking of textbooks here, so it may not apply to CoC) is that it has to have a minimum 30% revisions/new info compared to the most recent edition. Otherwise, it's not cost effective to the publisher to go through with a revised/updated edition.

    That probably doesn't apply to CoC, but why not check whether your local library has a more current edition on hand and see if it's something you want to purchase.

    Love, Scully

  • Joyzabel

    Yep, the fourth edition is out with UN stuff and some pics (very few) to add to the story.

  • Francois

    Thank you all very much. I'm going to go out and glom onto a fourth edition right away.

  • Amazing

    Hi Francois: Yes, it is out in its Fourth Edition, April 2002 ... in 12 languages, lots of updates including the UN scandal ... well worth the read. - Jim W.

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