To Maximus

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  • larc

    AlanF, I only got to know Maximus when he first posted here. We did share e-mails and we talked about private frustrations. My heart is heavy when I think about his very unfortunate situation and his poor health. If you contact him, please send him my heart felt regards for him, and my hope that his situation improves.

  • WildHorses

    Alan, I'm glad that he is doing better. Please send him my love and that I wish him well. Thanks.


  • wasasister

    To Maximus through my most excellent friend Alan:

    It goes without saying that your health comes first. We can always be a greater help to others if we ourselves are strong.

    If and when you progress to the point where you can rejoin us, you will be most welcome. Your departure, as well as the departure of a few others, has left us diminished. Many of us here remember fondly a time when "bar" was set a little higher.

    Much has been accomplished; battles are yet to be fought; wars are to be won. A good general is always needed.

    Sincerely wishing you the best,


  • Pathofthorns

    Sometimes I wonder if it is selfish to hope people return when so many of us desire to leave this place. I am somewhat glad he never left because of people but am sad that it was due to health reasons. I hope things work themselves out fine.


    (Maximus and a friend? so many seeming similarities).

  • AlanF

    I don't know the reason you emphasized "friend", Path. I don't even know who you directed this to, since I can think of several possibilities. Email or otherwise contact me if you want to clue me in.

    It's never selfish to wish that fine people return to any place. Whether they move on or not, they touch us and make us grow. They inform and teach us. Maximus did that, and if he wishes to continue, fine. If not, I will console myself with the knowledge that I have learned much from him.


  • SixofNine

    These three things Max,

    1st) (and most important) Buck up little trooper

    b) (and everybit as important as the first, like it, is this:) Don't take any Boudin niggles

    tres) (and foremost) We're saving you a place at the head of the table, just give us a date for the party

    Take care, and let me interview you sometime, k?

  • Farkel

    Not many had the pleasure of talking with and knowing Maximus. His voice was a rich voice with timbre that carried a lot of weight and credibility. A friend of mind who's known him for a long time said "he could have been anything he wanted to be.". I agree. He knew his history. He knew his Bible. He knew his medicine. He knew his Latin. The guy knew so much stuff that even someone as fearless as me was impressed!

    Maximus talked like the District Overseer that he was. It pissed me off, and I told him so. He was always in control and always in charge, and I told him that, too. Yet, he was so full of compassion. He is unique, and the Watchtower Printing Coporation lost one of their stars when he left.

    Max spread himself thin trying to help others, and I warned him that he needed to take care of himself. He agreed and yet he proceeded to push his health beyond its limits. Max is stubborn. I'm stubborn. We know that about each other.

    Max loves me. He said so. I love him. I said so. I would like to speak with my old friend again.

    I miss him.

    Alan: you know what to do with these comments.


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  • SloBoy

    The things Maximus posted were/are highlights of our days. In our infancy, his was the voice of hope. Again we say "thank-you" Maximus and are eagerly awaiting your return to good health.

  • LyinEyes

    Big Tex, that was a beautiful post.

    I do hope that someone who is close to this person, that so many admire and miss, will relay the message to him.

    I have seen first hand how that someone would need a break , to refresh , after helping so many.

    I have seen many good men in the congregations in the past trying so hard to help the friends. And there were always trouble makers who never appreciated it. I know my husband spent late hours trying to help ones , that only later said he didnt do enough. When you spread yourself , your time , and energies , so thin, it is bound to catch up with you.

    I hope that someone will tell Maximus how many who never knew him, thank him for what he has done. If it were not for things Maximus said, my hubby might still be in borg, and our whole family, and that is just something I never want to even think about. Our family of 5 , now have a life, with many thanks to men like Maximus who stood their ground and worked tirelessly.

  • Pathofthorns


    "selfish" wasn't really the word I was looking for and it really doesn't convey my thoughts regarding people that hope those that leave return here. It was a poor choice.

    I guess my comments more accurately reflect my own frustrations with my desire to move on from places like this and my own failure to do so. At times I get to thinking about what seems so futile and I just say things.

    People come and go here and it is nice sometimes when persons who have made an impression cross your mind and someone lets us know how they are doing.


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