Archaeological evidence of Jesus?

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  • Scorpion

    I wonder how many galaxies there are beyond what we have evidence for?


  • SixofNine

    I wonder why some people are so analogy challenged.

    Let's play "which does not belong" which which which which witch which ditch.

  • Scorpion

    Maybe next time I will try an easier question.

  • SYN

    Well, unless somebody invents a time machine, no one will ever know for sure.

  • Robdar

    Robdar, you are historical evidence that your ancestors exist. And, I'm sure, there are many other historical evidences as well, perhaps letters your grandfather wrote his mom. The same is not true of Jesus. The big guru dude didn't see fit to write a damn thing

    I was mostly having fun with the topic. But I must point out that my existence proves nothing. Robdar may be the figment of somebody's imagination. Or, if I am a real person, perhaps my great great grandfather was illiterate, therefore leaving no documents behind proving his existence.

    btw, whoever was using the nom de plume "shakespeare" was shakespear, in that example, Robdar. I don't think you are understanding the difference between Jesus and your other examples. But those differences are there, and they are large

    Will Shakespeare could be a collection of stories that were going around that somebody took credit for and added Will's name to in order to give his existence some merit. I have seen the house where Shakespeare, the man, was supposedly born. There are all manner of stories that have popped up around his life. If the person who recorded Shakespeare's stories was Shakespeare, then James, the man who recorded the stories of Jesus, is James.

    I think seedy is right. Emotion, not reason, is the only reason anyone feels 100% sure that Jesus existed, at this point. I tend to think the weight of evidence leans strongly toward some religious figure named Jesus being factual, but that is as far as it goes. I just saw mentioned in the news story that spawned this conversation, that Jesus was a common name in Isreal at the time of our calendar change.

    I must agree with this point. But, I still enjoy the stories.



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  • willy_think

    Hi Barry,

    Accuracy, what Catholics say is Jesus may have had step brothers, on Joey's side, Joe was a widower or the term brother or brethren could have been other kin. That is the catholic position on Jesus brothers.

    I have one full brother one full sister 2 half brothers 1 adopted sister and several more step brothers and sisters that I never met. They are all my brothers and sisters.

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  • expatbrit

    Actually Will Shakespeare's will is extant.

    He was a bit of a skinflint with the wife.


  • seedy3

    Actually the name "Jesus" in Israel was uncommom as it is a Greek name and it as well does not even mean the same as what the "Jesus" of the bible real name was. I think the proper way to say it is the name Yehosuha or Y'shuah was a common name then, as well as the name of his supposed father and brother was common.


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