I am so Happy. I found this board

by kaxfenixot 32 Replies latest jw friends

  • jurs


    I felt the same way when I stumbled across this forum! Its so nice to have a support system full of people who know what your going through! I'm glad your here. Its a great place............


  • Windchaser

    Welcome, kaxfenixot!!!!!

  • DJ

    WELCOME KAX!!! Please feel free, whenever you are ready, to tell us more about yourself. Love, Dj

  • DakotaRed

    Welcome to Apostate heaven, Kax

    Lew W

  • Beck_Melbourne

    Welcome to the board Kax...and I'm so glad you found this board today....and not 3 days ago LOL.

    Nice to see you here...enjoy your online time with us. Looking forward to getting to know you better.


  • Beans


    And were glad your here too!!!


    Canadian Overbeer

  • stichione

    Welcome and enjoy yourself!

  • mouthy

    Welcome all newbies!!!! This is a great place to be- No conditions for the love here-you can vote- have a birthday- have a Christmas Tree, have Thanksgiving- even have a fight once in awhile as long as you apply Mathew 18----you will be forgiven( wink,wink)

    You dont have to go from door to door- but you MUST put "time" in on your computor -...Of course you may confess your sins here---- we have a Canadian Overseer ( oops sorry an Overbeer) on board who will "let you off the hook"also on HIS line you can get all the W.Tower info you may have missed. http://Quotes.JehovahsWitnesses.com

    Great to have you aboard....... Grace

  • PopeOfEruke

    Welcome to this mad torrid world of recovering alcoholics. Oh and some ex-Dubs as well.

    A question: what in Hades (or Sheol whatever) does your handle refer to? I tried it backwards and it gives Toxin EFX AK, which could be Toxin Effects AK, but that is senseless as well.

    Or am I missing the bleedin' obvious here? If its really your first name you have my sympathy!

    Pope (of the confused class )

  • myself
    Wow I am new to the internet thing and I am so happy I found th.is board I can now converse with my brothers and sisters of the WORLD this is GREAT !!!!!

    New to the internet thing and found the board? You are going to have a great time around here, it is addicting! Welcome


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