Damn you Watchtower!

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  • IslandWoman

    Two women came to my door tonight. They were walking house to house in the dark, offering free deluxe Bibles and an invitation to their Baptist Church!

    Their were not giving a practiced presentation, they were not condemning other religions, they were not looking down on me and my family. They were just giving away maroon, gold edged, soft covered Bibles and invitations to their church. That's it!

    Damn the Watchtower for teaching it's people that only they love God and their neighbor! Damn them for teaching me women like the two who came by, who love God and their brother, are not "true" Christians.

    Damn them to the hell any xJW can send them to.


  • Kenneson

    Very true Jim. But they make a big issue about offering free Bible studies. There's the bait that suckered so many of us in.

  • Elsewhere

    Fla'ng 'em all to shmo' !!!

  • CC Ryder
    CC Ryder

    IW, I feel the same anger as you.

    I feel this also is related to your topic.

    Tink and I occasionally watch Oprah together when I get home, she tapes the really good shows so we can watch them during supper. One show last year was about an older black couple. The women worked in Walmart and her husband was a postal worker I think? She saved all her earnings and bought toys all year long to give to children at Christmas. The very next week after Christmas she started all over again for the next Christmas. She did that for years and is still doing it. At the end of the show I turned to Tink and said, "and those beautiful people are going to be destroyed at Armaggedon, Right?"

    We live in the south and have many denominations all around. Our neighbors are the best people you'll ever meet and they always invite us to church with them, but never pressure us. We went last year to a Christmas ricital with our neighbors and enjoyed it very much. No one asked us pressuring questions as to why we do not attend church regularly, they just talked to us about how we liked the program and that was it. Oh yeah and they'll be destroyed at Armaggedon too!!


  • KD

    If you really think about it, there is a lot of kindness out there and many kind hearted people too who live in "the world" or "worldly people". Leave it to the WTS to constantly focus on all the evil and hate that exists and constantly leaving it's members in fear. The members should watch carefully all the video footage of 911 and see how worldly or non-jw people really lend a hand to help their fellow human beings. They could take a lesson from this!!!

  • IslandWoman

    I may take them up on their invitation. Love of God and neighbor, sincerity and honesty, are what these women had. I may just go see what their church has also. If their church is like them, I will stay.


  • Farkel


    : Damn them to the hell any xJW can send them to.

    They are already IN hell. They have a hell-on-earth that is nearly inconceivable. Think about their (and OUR former) lives. If being a dub isn't hell, then please explain to me how hell could be any worse than that.


  • Francois

    I think we ought to round up all the JWs and dunk each and every one of them into a vat of hot Nair. Then we tattoo a picture of two smurfs, one on each cheek, having a conversation. Life size smurfs if you don't know WHICH cheeks.


  • joannadandy
    Damn the Watchtower for teaching it's people that only they love God and their neighbor!

    Don't worry, plenty of other religions think only THEY have the right religion. I can promise you there are plenty of baptists who would look down their nose at you if you didn't tow the party line...

    The only thing the dubs ever got right was this: "Religion is a snare and a racket"

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  • Perry

    Well hell, I might as well chime in. The Baptists I know are pretty chillin. They don't even care if you go to a baptist church. They do care if you are in a progregressive church that places value on family, christ sacrifice, and his example.

    I look at it this way...meaning is subjective but human nature is not. So, how can molding human nature to create meaning be bad? We are definitely unique as a species. Increasing our value perception of ourselves and our neighbors can only result in positive output.

    my .02

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