About my trip to Vegas

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  • Jesika


    Well, we did ok at the Luxor gambling. Mandalay Bay we didnt do so well. The Monte Carlo has a magic show, didn't see it but looked cool. DON"T miss going to the Caesar's Place--they have a show there with robots that is free and neat to watch. It is like a full size mall inside there---it is huge. The toy store was neat, it is in the shape of the Trojan horse.

    Belagio Hotel has a HUGE FOUNTAIN SHOW!!!!!!!!! A definate DON'T MISS!!!!!!!! Watch it a night!!!! It is outside.

    For a great place for a good burger is Fat Burger--don't let the name scare you, it was very good. They explain why it is called that on the place mat that is on the tray when you get your food. It was neat to read. It is across the street from NY NY.

    MGM grand has a live lion in the middle of the bottom floor. You can watch it play with big rubber balls, just like a house cat with yarn.

    I will try to think of more, that is all for now.

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