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  • DIM

    this posted twice for some reason, sorry!

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  • Bodhisattva

    DIM -

    I agree with most of your points, including the need for not putting ones who have done good work on the same pedestal as various adherents place the Pope, LDS "prophets," or the JW governing body.

    I do disagree, but only slightly, about religion. Yes, religion is a problem. On the other hand the UCC, Quaker, and Unitarian-Universalist groups I've visited - and even the more conservative Baptist and Calvary Chapel congregations - have done good things for those in need in their communities, including (but not limited to) each other. True, other churches - usually I suspect on the congregation rather than organizational level - move people to bomb medical clinics or fly planes into skyscrapers. But with its shunning policy, its refusal of adequate medical treatment in life-threatening situations, and its history of driving believers to take unreasonable views of national service and education, I think that the Watchtower religion ranks among the most damaging.

    Its single worst belief is occasionally voiced but much more powerfully is always assumed: "We are correct." This leads to "We don't have pedophiles," and "but if we do they would not be protected by the elders." It leads to "We didn't preach that the end would come in 1914/25/75/2000, people misread things." And it leads to my mother insisting that leaving an organization is leaving God.

    My own intention is to live a life not of sainthood but of righteousness such that, should I be surprised to learn that there is a heaven, I should expect to be there. If there is a God who rejects me merely because I failed to join the right club, than that God is not worthy of my worship.

  • Simon

    All the best to you Dim ... I think we should all move on eventually and become 'ex-ex-JWs'

  • onacruse

    DIM: As Simon says "ex-ex-JWs"

    I think that is a ways away for me (though maybe much closer than I think).

    In any case, this forum will ALWAYS have a very special value to me.

    Happy trails to you, DIM


  • patio34

    Thanks for clearing that up Dim. As usual, your posts (if I remember correctly) are very reasonable and thoughtful. Sorry to see you leave. I understand your points very well and can even concur with them.

    All the best.


  • Princess

    I understand completely Dim, been thinking of doing the same myself. I will plan some sort of holiday get-together for the ex-s this year. Hope to see you and your wife again soon! Keep in touch and say hi to your wife from my family.


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