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  • Seven

    I'm searching for a site that compares various Bible versions with our NWT? The only one I've found compares 108 different versions including NWT. If anyone knows of a site better than this one please provide the link. Thanks-7

  • Frenchy

    108 Versions and you want better??? Baby, you are hard to please!

    -Say what you mean, mean what you say-

  • Seven

    Frenchy-I know that must have sounded stupid but what I meant to say was- they only used a few topics for their comparisons. Is there a site where you can select the translations you want to compare-side by side? For example: I wish to compare the NWT with the KJV, and NIV. If that doesn't make sense then, nevermind.

  • Friend


    I think the link below will provide a fairly good sampling for your comparison.

    [url=]Bible Gateway[/url]


  • Seven

    Friend-Many thanks for the link.

  • Simon

    I got an excellent bible off Amazon that is 8 versions all in one. Each page has the different versions of the same passage in ad it is really useful for comparing the different versions and getting a feel for what the true / 'average' meaning is as any one obviously biased rendering stands out quite a lot.
    It doesn't have the NTW in though and I don't think the society would be willing to grant permission for inclusion in somthing like this for obvious reasons.

  • Pathofthorns

    Thanks for the link Friend.

    Its nice to see you still here. I was worried you might have left.

    While some might have difficulty with your presence here, I feel you make a very valid contribution, and elevate the level of discussion.

    Lessons learned regarding carefully supporting what we say and considering all sides to issues will prevent this becoming a WT bashing site.

    I hope you will stick around.


  • waiting

    Hey, guys!

    Thanks for the lead. Simon, what is that program you got from Amazon? I saw it advertised one time, then never could find it again.

    I've been wondering why no new topics in Bible Discussion area. Perhaps Friend made us gunshy?

    Perhaps we could all discuss some things - keeping in mind everyone's (mostly including mine) limitations on the art of debating?

    To summerize Simon's English style: "That would be lovely."


  • Pathofthorns

    Further comments to Friend:

    I must compliment you on your discussion of the actual issues relating to concerns regarding the Society's Gentile Times chronology on Witnet.

    Some may object to your methods and insistence on facts and proper reasoning when discussing subjects, but credit must be given where it is due.

    When discussing matters relating to the foundation of who we are and what we stand for as individuals, one must make sure he is looking at things from as many perspectives as possible to draw the most correct conclusions.

    I just wanted to thank all members for their viewpoints and perspective.


    (not sure why I put this in this thread :)

  • Seven

    Simon-Thanks for the suggestion. I'll have to search Amazon for the availability of that Bible.

    Frenchy-Yes, I guess it does appear that I am hard
    to please, but in reality I am fairly low maintainence. If you believe that I have some swamp land for sale in________. lol

    Waiting-I just don't seem to have the heartat this time for any serious Bible discussion. It's like returning to the scene of an accident-over and over again. The outcome remains the same,
    there's nothing I can ever say or do to reverse the situation. Call it denial-that's probably what
    it is.

    To Friend-I've directed plenty of misplaced
    hatred and unwarranted abuse your way lately. If you are able to read between the lines(which I know you are)you will find my apology there. I saw
    so much of my android of a Father in you that I was unable to get past that, and maybe never will.
    Who knows, maybe you're even a sweet guy? Now, that would be an interesting topic for debate.


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