Survey Results, Part 2

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    Mustang, you asked about the change in the baptism question and whether that might make a difference in the screening process. I really don't know. My guess is that the change in questions did not have much of an effect. I doubt if most Witnesses really thought about the change, one way or the other.

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    "Mustang, you asked about the change in the baptism question..."

    To clarify: My question was "does the introduction of the Baptism questions make any difference"? That was incomplete and should have referred to the "200 questions" asked before Baptism.

    There are possibly two matters here that are being mixed up: The change in the QUESTIONS ASKED AT THE BAPTISM CEREMONY and the BEGINNING/START/INTRODUCTION OF THE EXAMINATIONS BEFORE BAPTISM.

    I should have been more explicit and asked about the latter.

    I agree that the change of the actual questions asked at the ceremony hardly made a difference and PROBABLY WAS NOT EVEN NOTICED!!!

    The change of the actual Baptismal Questions (two, at the ceremony) is given variously given as ~82-86, I believe. The introduction of the "Pre-Baptismal Examination" (or whatever it is called) was perhaps 70-72. I wasn't paying too much attention then as I was doing the drift away routine about this time.

    So, I was wondering if this attempt at "Quality Control" (!!!!????) by WTS had any effect. Did the introduction of the "PRE-BAPTISMAL EXAMINATION" make any difference; that was my real question.

    I know you didn't ask that, but I'm going to look again at your comments about the older versus the newer members of the survey.

    I am guessing that I am one of the older members of the survey. (Wow, I didn't expect that!!! Now I'll have to think of something derogatory!!! )

    No, really, this is an excellent piece of work. Keep it up.


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