Are All Non-JW's "Worldly"

by Double Edge 14 Replies latest jw friends

  • DanTheMan

    Ask your friend what their definition of "is" is

    I made a funny!!!

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    God forbid they would tell the TRUTH - nobody would join

    That's so on the mark, LovesDubs.

  • garybuss

    When a JW answers a question that was never asked, that is done because they do not want to answer the question that was asked.

    You have been played.

    I used to make a game out of trying to get a straight answer to a straight question, such as your example, from a JW, any JW. They would always get pissed off before they would answer the question.


  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    Thanks everyone..... I feel like I've been played....but that's ok, with the "ammunition" I've learned from this board, I can do a little 'playing' myself.

    Also, thanks Butalbee for noticing my JEDI status ... funny, I don't feel any wiser.

  • jurs

    Hey Double Edge,

    One way you can get a straight answer is to ask a JW child. They know all about "worldly" people and are no strangers to the definition. You'll likely here that worldly people are bad association and will be destroyed. That JW child will probably also let you know that other churches don't worship Jehovah and are part of Satan's sysyem of things.

    The kids usually lay it out pretty straight. I would cringe when my kids would tell someone that they were going to be destroyed. if they weren't JW's. I liked to back peddle those issues too. I knew they wouldn't come into the " truth" if I were so blunt so i thought tact ( evasiveness )was the way to handle sticky questions.


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