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  • SPAZnik

    lol COMF lucky lucky you.

    lol lauralisa

  • MegaDude


    COMF, once you start thinking for yourself, you just naturally start catching the idiocy in marketing.

    But I have respect for Graham. He's lived it as he's taught it. He lives a very simple lifestyle and is not trying to get rich off of his ministry, which has a policy of keeping its books open to the public so you know where the money is going. He's not been involved in any scandal, sexual or financial. And despite his Parkinsons disease, his difficulty in even standing, he is still belting out his message of what he believes is truth.

  • COMF

    'Dude, Billy's okay by me. Did you see his frontpage headline today, about his pristine finances? I can respect that. As you pointed out, I'm just laughing at the misleading implication of the marketing slogan.

    Shelby/AGuest/LifesWaterFree/Phoebe B. Bebe:

    And p'haps Mr. Graham is just telling the truth, Captain. Sumthin' wrong with that? Tellin' the truth?

    It's a great idea. You should try it sometime. You might like it.

    Other than the fact folks don't want to HEAR the truth... and maybe the "good" Mr. Graham... like so many others... KNOWS that... and is countin' it?

    You're drooling on your keyboard there, hon. Here, use this Kleenex.

    Problem is... like most others... sooner or later... there's a 'cover charge' for that kind of 'truth'... sooner or later...

    Okay, let's review. I quoted Billy's marketing slogan as being, "He doesn't have all the answers... but he knows who does." You showed up saying he's "just telling the truth" when he says that. Now you're telling me that there's a cover charge to be told that he doesn't have all the answers, but he knows who does. No, there's not, hon. It's plastered all over the billboards around town. You can read it from the highway, or listen to it on the radio. Try to keep your facts straight, please.

    Of course, you're alluding to further statements Billy might make; statements I did not mention. So now you've joined the ranks of the threateners-for-a-cake. I'm going to pay a 'cover charge' if I don't listen. Wazzat, hon, I'm going to hell? Echo from the past: "You'll be destroyed at Har-Mageddon if you don't become a Jehovah's Witness." Second verse; same as the first. Everybody sing along with LifesWaterFree, now:

    "You're going to Hell, COMF!"

    A slave of Christ

    No, just a bad poseur, too emotionally stunted to be able to let go of the charade.

  • MegaDude

    Not to worry, Fred. There will be lots of apostofests in hell. lol

  • AGuest
    Of course, you're alluding to further statements Billy might make; statements I did not mention

    Or maybe I'm "alluding" to the "marketing" that Megadude mentioned. Take it how you will, Captain. As for you assignment to hell, didn't hear that from me. If I recall, the message didn't include hell, although some think one might need asbestos chonies there, too.

    A slave of Christ,


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