England Get Draw With Macedonians!

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  • ISP

    Yep England came from behind to get a draw against those tough cookies, the Macedonians whose predecessors include Alexander The Great.....


  • frogit

    England could only draw

    frogit: who loves Wales to win type, but England should have won easy

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  • frogit

    England are held to an embarrassing 2-2 draw by Macedonia.

    Poor David Seamen

    But Wales beat Italy, Wales 2-1 Italy

    Craig Bellamy is so pleased

    frogit: who loves England to win, but Wales did better!

  • Gopher

    What sport are you guys talking about?

    Hey baseball's WORLD SERIES starts on Saturday night. The two contesting teams are both from California in the USA.

    The team names show that this series is of biblical significance. The ANGELS of Anaheim versus the GIANTS (perhaps a.k.a. the "Nephilim") of San Francisco. One can only guess whose side God is on!!

    Oh yeah -- there will be no damn ties in this world series! There are no ties in baseball, just like there is no crying in baseball ("A League of Their Own").

    OK back to the soccer football thread.

  • Englishman

    Well, yeah!

    Poor old Seaman, but, Ye Gods, that first corner goal! Any goalie knows to stand at the far post, but he was rooted in the middle when that curler went in. Can't blame him for the second one though.

    The high point was Gerrards goal, on the volley too, brilliant.

    Well done to Wales beating Italy, they are no pussy cats, that's for sure!


  • ISP

    Seamans days are over as goalie......I think he will be relieved......what else can happen to the guy now? An own goal?


  • ISP

    Hi gopher....I think the Giants should do it in 5.


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