How vulnerable is the U.S.A.?

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  • hannibal

    Living in the united states can and is taken for granted many times. But

    how vulnerable are we really? Sept. 11 came and shook this nation to its

    core, unlike its ever been shook before.Since, reports have come out that

    there were 'signs' that may have prevented this tradgedy,most noteably the

    case of zacharus meussoui(spell check) With in weeks of sept 11 anthrax

    attacks were launched. We have no idea from who.Seamingly this is all

    but forgotten, hardly reported.Some gov. officials came out and put the heat

    on a u.s. citizan saying this was a domestic assualt.No arrests, only accusations.

    Do you think a u.s. citizan could with in days of sept 11 have everything planed

    out to carry out such an attack? I dont. Just a coinscidence, I dont think so.

    Bottom line, the u.s. has no idea who and since seemingly have moved on to

    other things, speaking of which Iraq.No dought the u.s. is going to war with Iraq.

    Why?Just this week there are reports of bin laden being still alive and kicking.

    Instead of finishing the war on alqada, we are starting another war with Iraq.Already

    the war on terrorism is pushed to the middle of the A section.Why not finish one

    job first.Then we come to the situation in the D.C. area., the D.C. sniper.Some

    how a person or persons can and have shot 11 people and slipped away with

    ease, sometimes in broad daylight.Just Monday after striking again the

    police were on the scene in under two minutes, close off roads, having eye-

    witnesses, know the van make, etc... still cant catch him.Do you think

    this is the work of one crazy person that snapped? I dont, there are drive by

    shotings all the time at night in the inner city and most times are caught.

    This is different I think, a person working in a network able to hide within

    blocks or miles from a shoting.All of these events I beleive are related and show

    we are vulnerable.

  • Crazy151drinker

    Well Hanibal,

    When you have a country as big as ours with the amount of people we have, no doubt there will be problems from time to time. But compared to the rest of the World, we are sitting pretty. You think the sniper is bad, go to Sierra Leon or Congo- talk about problems. And as far as 'winning' the war on terrorism before we go to Iraq (or anyother hotspot) its impossible. In fact, the 'War on Terror' will never end. Do you honestly think that we can get rid of every terrorist org. in the world? How do you suggest we get rid of Hamas or the Hezbullah without invading Palastine and Lebanon????? So Hanibal, relax, the grand 'War on Terror' will still be there after Iraq. Bin Ladin is dead. Everything will be alright......

  • SixofNine

    This vulnerable:

    *holds hands apart about shoulder width*

  • hannibal


    I agree with you, eveything will be alright, that wasnt my point. I dont

    live life worrying about it, beleive me.Comparing our country to the situations

    of other countrys is rediculious,there is no comparision.That being said, do

    you feel that we are as safe as we were one year and change ago? No, things

    have changed. My point was I feel these inceidents are related, sept. 11

    anthrax D.C. and the sniper in D.C.

    As for as the war on terrorism being here after iraq, your right it will always be there.

    It was there before Sept11. Clinton had many chance to take out saddam and

    bin laden, but didnt. And it will be here after saddam and bin ladden are taken out.

    But never before have we been a target as much as we seem to be now.

  • pomegranate

    Lest we forget Timothy McVeigh...terror can from from within too.

  • Crazy151drinker


    After 9/11 we tend to lump every bad thing into a broad Terrorist catagory. Everything seems to be linked to Al Quada or who ever the bad guy of the day is. I really dont think that things are that different. In reality, Crime is actually Down accross the U.S. so things are getting BETTER not worse. The whole Anthrax thing was pretty shady but im sure it was just some knucklehead who had access to it who thought he would make his statement. I really dont think the Sniper is a Terrorist. Terrorists, especially the muslim extrements tend to go out in a bang (no pun intended). They make big statements by killing a bunch of people. The sniper has had mulitple opportunities to kill many people but he doest. Its one shot, one kill. Its a game. The sniper is methodical, its all planned, he hasnt made a 'America is Satan' speech or anything. The guy(s) is(are) local. The sniper's style is more IRA than Al Queda.

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    I figure we will end up killing ourselves over silly philosophical and religious differences. Now that we are in an age where the world has shrunk to a global neighborhood, we must learn to tolerate others differences but this is impossible when we are still solving problem with a medieval mentality.


  • heathen

    I'm just surprised that the gun control freaks aren't storming washington .This is the most gruesome sniper activity since charles witman and the uta tower.I couldn't sit here and say it is tied to the Al Quieda because these things have happened before and it is usually a person that served in the US armed forces.The US is always vulnerable to these things because we have more freedom than most countries in the world and with freedom comes responsibility .

  • Trauma_Hound

    BTW they did find a Tarot Card that said I am god on it at one of the scenes, this brings back memory's of the Zodiac Killer, whom has never been caught.

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    P ollution, fast food obesity, sitcom ideation, spy satellites, paranoia and conspiracy thinking, 'apocalyptic' centre of the world , bibles & guns, stolen land & 'righteousness', jwism.......

    Just a bit.


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