But the Red Cross was there first

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  • Mac

    Right after the Sept. 11 incident and subsequent donations, the local red cross contacted me wanting a very large upscale piece of signage. Wonder where they got the money? lol

    mac, of the i don't give to the Red Cross class

  • TheOldHippie

    And that's where I am not sure, Blondie - I would appreciate it, if you could tell me about instances where that either has happened or the point has been set before a person that "if you do something for them, you will be reacted against." I sincerely know of no such cases, and would like to get any info on that, if you have it. And since you say that they "will DF members who work for or volunteer for the Red Cross", I guess you must have knowledge of such cases.

    You didn't have to spell it out to me, I'm stupid but not THAT stupid, but all I am saying (.... "is give peace a chance" ....) is give me some proof. OK?

  • TheOldHippie

    If (sorry, this yellow shit came and will not go away .......) you look at the anthrax - post under (news), you will notice this:

    Forcellina has spoken before 30,000 people at a religious rally in Shea Stadium, and for two years before his arrest, he delivered food to a homeless shelter, seven days a week, Ward said. For five years, the lawyer said, Forcellina regularly visited people at a nursing home.

    So he does the things you say people are df'ed for, does he?

  • blondie

    OH, I have not lived in your country. I also know that privately JWs do many things that are not accepted in the congregation at large.

    But wherever I have lived in the US, publicly known donations to the Red Cross by JWs would be looked into by the elder body and have been. Since one of the main functions of the Red Cross in our area is to collect and disperse blood, public support of that organization is strongly discouraged by the elders. For many years, donations to a national organization known as the United Way was discouraged because some of the funds supported the Red Cross and religiously based organizations. Now one can participate in the United Way and designate which individual organizations receive the money.

    I personally have know several people over the years who worked at the Red Cross, studied with JWs, and wanted to be baptized. The elders told them that they could not approve their baptism until they found other employment. I can remember when this started be more strictly enforced and several JWs in my area were advised to find new employment or face DFing.

    The response I have gotten from many elders is why donate to the Red Cross, donate to the WTS where it will be spent on more theocratic things.

  • TheOldHippie

    OK, and thanks for replying. I have to run right now (no excuse), but will return to it asap.


  • badboy

    Should Jws given accept help from the RED CROSS because not does the name`Cross ' of pagan origin but the symbol the RC uses is of pagan origin from the Swiss Flag.cf Awake March 8 2000

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