I have become what I hate most...

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  • nilfun

    Just wanted to peek in to say the quilt looks great!

    I haven't done anything crafty for a long time. I used to make dolls though.

    Your nephew is adorable.

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  • Silverleaf

    Hi Joanna,

    I'm a crafter from way back, I hot glue everything to everything - love maknig wreaths for all occasions, used to do counted cross stitch but gave that up when I discovered quilting, my new obsession. Now all I do is cut fabric and stitch ... I can't stop myself. Now I don't have time to make homemade candles anymore. <sigh>

    I've done the macaroni pictures with my kids, sock puppets, painted flower pots, clothespin people and birhouses [covered with birdseed, not stuffed with flowers though.] Going to the craft store is a spiritual journey for me.


    PS: Double Edge, it's not the smell of the glue, it's the smell of the dried eucalyptus leaves. :)

  • eyegirl

    hey!!! jason, if jo's getting a gift certificate to Sex World, where the hell is mine???!?!? heehee

  • scootergirl

    Oh Joanna, honey, you come and visit me and we will talk crafts! LOL.........my craft of choice is cross-stitch needlework.

    And by the way, getting excited for Christmas in October is okay! This is your first time celebrating.......live it up girl!

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    my list of crafts - you'll be sorry you asked

    • sewing (made all the kids clothes and most of mine including coats and now two wedding dresses - my daughter's and mine)
    • knitting - tablecloths, clothing, curtains (all my own designs)
    • crocheting - afghans, clothes, tablecloths, bedspreads (all my own designs)
    • macrame
    • toll painting
    • furniture re-upholstery
    • furniture restoring/refinishing
    • furniture building - a desk and a bookcase
    • flower arranging (including wedding flowers and xmas wreaths)
    • rug hooking
    • needlepoint
    • cross-stitch

    sorry no bird-houses

    Almost all of these were done while I was a JW - had to do something with my brain and this was for the most part acceptable use of my time

    I also got into jams. pickles, canning my own tomatoes, bread-making (before there were bread machines) gardening. I was Martha Stewart before SHE was Martha Stweart

    Out of all of that about the only 2 things I still do is the sewing (made my wedding dress last year - well and the flowers - silk arrangements) and I have a tablecloth around here somewhere I am supposed to be working on

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    OK I am back again with one more thought

    When I first read the title of the thread I thought

    I have become what I hate most...

    my mother

    Sometimes I hear myself and just want to cringe

    Thank goodness I'm not really like her

    Sorry to be a tad off topic but I just had to let you know

  • Granny Linda
    Granny Linda

    Lady Lee, my thought exactly. And it would have been my mom, too.

    I tole paint.

    And yes, Jo, do enjoy the holidays!!!!!!! You ain't seen a bargin until you shop in January for the next Christmas. I don't understand all the crazy shoppers that wait until the last minute because I'm GOODand have such organizational skills that waiting until December would make me even more neurotic. I did say "more" right? as in, I'm already neurotic - especially when it comes to my painting. Ssshhhhhhhhhh.


  • LovesDubs

    Hey SOMEBODY has to pick up Martha Stewarts show after she gets thrown in the pokey...might as well be YOU eh?? :) "Im TRYING to make my salad here."

  • apple829

    <raises hand>

    Me too! I'm a crafter. Mostly floral arrangements and wreaths, tho.

    I went to Wal-Mart last night and almost lost it...they've got those cinnamon scented pine cones all over the place...I can't wait for Xmas!

    Lady Lee, can you teach me to sew?


  • Shakita

    I love crafting!!!!!!!!

    I crocheted many, many baby blankets for years. Gave some as gifts and for my own children. I loved the time spent on making them. Gave me some "down" time, not doing mountains of wash, dishes, etc.... I am now teaching my daughter-in-law to crochet. She's doing great. She is making a baby blanket for a co-worker. I am also teaching my ten year old. She asked me! And she's getting good, too.

    My recent new craft is scrapbooking. I just love it! It lets you be very creative and add special touches to photos that bring in more of what happened during the time when the picture was taken. I just finished making one for my daughter. It was filled with photos and mementos of her bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, wedding day, and honeymoon. It was so much fun to make and will be something that she and her husband can show their kids one day.

    I also made the centerpieces for my daughter's wedding. They were topiaries filled with flowers and tulle with miniature lights. Everyone loved them. And, they were so much fun to make.

    Someone who loves CRAFTING,

    Mrs. Shakita

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