Does God Deceive Us?

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  • Double Edge
    Double Edge


    Are you putting down the existence of God, or the validity of the Bible? (Your previous posts seem to indicate both).

    "In my opinion the Bible is a gross libel against the justice and goodness of God, in almost every part of it."--Thomas Paine

    Nevertheless, Thomas Paine believed in a Higher Power - a Creator...that is very evident when you read that quote in context with the entire letter that was written in 1797.

  • JosephAlward

    DOUBLE EDGE asks,

    "Joseph: Are you putting down the existence of God, or the validity of the Bible? "

    JOE ALWARD responds:

    I'm unaware of any evidence that the god described in the Bible exists, or ever existed, and I further believe that the Bible contains an almost uncountable number of errors, inconsistencies, contradictions, and absurdities. It does, nevertheless, contain a great many very profound teachings, especially in Proverbs, Psalm, and Ecclesiastes.

    Joseph F. Alward
    "A Skeptical View of Christianity and the Bible"

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  • onacruse

    Of course He does...and of course He doesn't.

    It is impossible to comprehend or apprehend interactions with an infinite being. If God (as "typically" defined) exists, then His actions are fully knowable only to Himself. Anything less than that (on our part, as finite beings), will be interpreted either as 1) our own feeble faculties of comprehension [read He doesn't deceive us] or 2) He can/is/will be whatever He wants [read He can/has/does deceive us].

    Either case is unprovable, by any measure of human logic or analysis.

    My thought.


  • pseudoxristos

    Sure he does. He also sends evil spirits to torture people. Usually early on Saturday mornings.


    And David came to Saul, and stood before him: and he loved him greatly; and he became his armorbearer.


    And Saul sent to Jesse, saying, Let David, I pray thee, stand before me; for he hath found favor in my sight.


    And it came to pass, when the evil spirit from God was upon Saul, that David took the harp, and played with his hand: so Saul was refreshed, and was well, and the evil spirit departed from him.

    1 Sam 16:21-23 (ASV)


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