Elders w/kids that are removed

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  • TweetieBird

    Reading Metatron's post about the Inner Circle made me think about some of the congregations that I have been in and the elder body. I think the Inner Circle mentality applies also to elders with children.

    I remember being in a hall where Elder A's child got into some wrongdoing. Elder A tried to step down but the elder body encouraged him not to with the sole purpose of having him removed when the CO came around.

    About that same time, Elder B's child got involved in wrongdoing (for the 3rd time, same offense) and he wanted to step down and elder body didn't want him to, and kept him as an elder when CO came around.

    Elder C's children both got into serious trouble, he did not want to step down and didn't and remained an elder.

    To me, all elders should have been treated the same. They wanted to humiliate Elder A (who was a good elder BTW) so instead of him quietly stepping down and able to be reappointed a year later, they wanted to humiliate him by having him removed, which means that he can't be reappointed for 3 years, if I understand that correctly.

    Elder B was also a good elder, but if Elder A was to be removed, so should Elder B.

    Elder C should have never been an elder and his kids were worse than A & B's put together, but obviously part of the Inner Circle, therefore allowed to remain an elder.

    All of this goes to show that it's all political and holy spirit has nothing to do with appointing or deleting elders.

  • metatron

    You got it!

    I watched one MS get the boot for his df'd kids - while 'inner circle' Elder , with the same problem, NEVER EVEN CAME
    UP FOR DEBATE. All kinds of stuff totally ignored - if you were the right person.


  • ashitaka

    Seen that a bunch, and I'm just a young'in.


  • caligirl

    That is how it was in my hall growing up - One elder's child was a total sleeze, yet could do no wrong in the eyes of most people because he pioneered as a cover, so he was looked upon as being perfect and a great spiritual example. His dad was never looked down on and not asked to step down when his kid finally got DF'd , until the CO came in and did it himself. Another elder's children (who had not the slightest interest in pioneering, and were therefore not spiritually minded) were pretty much placed under a microscope for EVERYTHING and treated like crap. Their father was made to step down over his 18 year old being privately reproved. Small wonder that all the kids of the elder that were treated like crap are no longer in. At last update, the sleeze was a "respected" MS and running around cheating on his wife.

  • Jim Dee
    Jim Dee

    We have an elder in our cong, his "nick name" is Eli because his 2 sons run riot and nobody has the guts to stop them.

    When I was an elder I tackled him about his 2 sons (one was eventually removed as a MS, but the stink he kicked up was "to be seen") the political problems he caused me and the PO was terrifying. It was only when an elderly sister called him Eli to his face did he back down - but then he wanted to set up a judicial commitee on this 83 year old sister for "defaming an elder" and "not having respect for Jehovahs appointed men".

    I told him no - because she was right, end of story. But it does show how things can get out of hand


  • NeonMadman

    In the Hall I used to be in, elders C and D were the sons of elder A, and elder E was the son of elder B. Disfellowshipped person F was also a son of elder A, but he was the black sheep of the family. Eventually he got reinstated, though. For all I know, he's now elder F.

  • footprints

    The real stupidity here is that there are even elders meetings held behind closed doors, and one year rules, 3 year rules, 2 or more dFd children rules.
    Every one of there rules are man-made, and man imposed. Jesus doesn't have anything to do with man-made rules or the men that make them.

  • Dismembered

    It's just the good ole fashion game of politics. At the risk of being redundant. I'd bend my knee for the day the bogus "elder arrangement" led by Gods Holy Spirit(tm) is tied up and left for dead.


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