Catch a falling star

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  • kenpodragon

    When I live the days of my life, and meet and talk to all the people of the world on boards like this. It feels sometimes like I am out on a cool clear night, looking to the night sky and waiting for something to happen. Soon a shooting star with streak across the heavens and strike excitement in my heart, that I had a chance to witness such a amazing event. Of course, I will often stay in the night looking up for hours. Later though when I dream of those moments, the memories will be of falling stars that leave a lasting impression upon my mind. I think of the old song ...

    "Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket
    Never let it fade away
    Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket
    Save it for a rainy day"

    ... for sometimes I will read and hear some of the most amazing thoughts. See thoughts of life wisdom placed into the written word. Yet at that moment the thought may only be trivial knowledge that fades and files into my minds eye. It never fails though that at some moment in a future time, when something happens I did not expect. That I realize how valuable that little shooting star from a past day really mattered. How that "reasoning on a problem with Witness thoughts", helped to avoid confusion later. How that "kind word when I was feeling down", brightened my day yet again. How that "joke told to lighten the mood", made me laugh once more when I needed it ...

    "For when your troubles start multiplying and they just might
    It's easy to forget them without tryin'
    With just a pocketful of starlight"

    ... it seems that life takes us to many destinations and touches us in ways we do not always understand at the moment. In the end though, the wisdom of life has taught me something very important. Never let a shooting star fly across the heavens without remember the honor you had in seeing it. Place that memory in your thoughts and use it later when you need it. Can we ever see enough shooting stars in our life? Can we ever have enough positive thoughts, and memories of joy and happiness? If we ever think that we have to much joy, and need to unload a little. That is when it is time to speak out and smile, and hug those you love. So that everyone has a positive moment to take with them, put it in their pocket and save it for the many rainy days life pours down on us in these post Witness days.

    Enjoy the starry night of life's moments ... and make many wishes for a wonderful future.

    My thought


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  • Prisca

    I really enjoy reading your posts - thank you for another one that inspires and provokes thought.

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    Then there are those of us who actually own some falling stars. Granted, very few meteors produce meteorites (actually, the little ones you see all the time are no bigger than dust grains that just burn up in the atmosphere) there's nothing like holding a piece of another world in your hand and knowing that its over 4.5 billion years old. Just too cool.

    I know that this is slightly off topic but for me, I see the greatest beauty of all in science. There's nothing out there like learning about how every single element of my meteorites was formed.

  • nilfun

    Great post Kenpo. I like reading your stuff. But now that song is playing in a loop in my head. Can't get it to stop. Thanks.

  • DannyBear


    We recently had a meteor shower, living in the country away from any city lights, allowed T and I to really enjoy the nites show. It was spectacular. We both commented on one in particular that displayed a tail (not as big or dusty as a comet) that lasted a fraction of a second longer than the rest. That one 'shooting star' was well worth staying up until 2am to witness it.

    So your anology was easily grasped by me. It is an honor to witness such events, a simple event when analyized by an astronomer, but when viewed through the eye's of wonder "excitement" it's a milestone.

    There have been very few human beings that have qualified as shooting stars in my life. In fact Iam hard pressed to name even one or two in particular.

    One recurring truth for me, as regards the human 'stars' I have known, is that they really never were as bright or spectacular as I thought. Somehow the greatest minds, the most eloquent speaker's, writer's, all fade away in time. I suppose that is why mankind is obsessed with writing down his thoughts.

    But the essance of your words about grasping the moment, never forgeting the little tid bits from our fellow traveler's is worthwhile advice. I just read a thread by Beautiful Garbage over on larc's thread about 'judgementalisim', I don't know why but her words just made so much sense. So I guess I witnessed another shooting star, that made a lasting impression. Did I get your message?


  • Mac

    Kenpo------>of the Perry Como class!

    lol, mac

  • BeautifulGarbage

    There has been such wonderful things posted on the board today.

    What a beautiful post. Kenpo, your writings, lately, have been of the "sublime class".

    I remember something another poster wrote about a year ago that literally saved a friendship that I nearly destroyed over something that I took extreme offense. That writer opened the window to a perspective that would have not occurred to me otherwise. It was a revelation to me and changed how I relate to things written here and elsewhere.

    Again, great thoughts, thanks for sharing.


    P.S. Danny, thanks for the kind words

  • xenawarrior


    I have to add to the list of folks here. I also really enjoy reading your posts!!! Keep them coming!


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