Only way to take down the tower.....

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    I want the whole damn thing...Tower and associates to collapse and I really want to believe it could. Remember, the tiny nation of North Vietnam and their guerrilla tactics caused the giant US to quit. I think we must, as a small group of revolutionaries, take it to them, in small, painful doses. We can and will make a difference. It is very demoralizing to the large army of DubFaces when they are hit at the doorsteps with molestation charges, United Nation charges, changes in dates, etc. We must educate and inform the public with the knowledge that we know...the knowledge that will hurt them.


  • rocky220

    And.....sending correspondence to our local Authorities; DA's office, FBI, etc. What the hell IRS ,too!

    Couldn't hurt!!!!!.....................rocky220

  • nancee park
    nancee park

    The Free Christians movement is diverse but united by friendly actions on issues of mutual concern. No one monopolizes it. The Free Christians newsletter is for those of differing views many of whom are exJWs and other friends, this freedom granted at Romans 14:6. More unity of action within the community is welcome.

    Let us know what you'd like done and it can be put in the newsletter going directly to about 750 emails some of whom forward and distribute copies, and also gets posted with other egroups totally several thousand additional persons some of whom also share copies. Many use it as just a news service, others as a source for friendship, and still others as a source for spiritual encouragement.

    Yes, a formal organizing effort by others utilizing press releases etc however you deem best would also be welcomed, although new Bible Groups (congregations) formed by those organizing are, in our opinion, best given great if not full local autonomy to prevent development of new mini-Watchtower cults. Our own branch within the movement is and will stay "underground" to assure survival, but a group openly organizing could do lots more things that we can not. Cooperation is thus mutually beneficial.

    All things to all! [email protected] , [email protected]

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