I attended Workshop for former cult members! Read!

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  • GermanXJW

    The dateline for the "early bird"-price is Nov 15th!

  • GermanXJW

    From Oct 19 -21 I attended a second workshop by Dieter Rohmann. This time it was about building an own life outside the cult and about finding ones own values. About half of the participants had also attended the workshop last year.

    Here are some pictures:http://www.infolink-net.de/seminar/seminar2003-rueckblick.htm

    The poorly Google-translated page:

  • GermanXJW

    Next week-end, I will attend the thrid (and last) workshop of this trilogy.
    At the end of the second workshop we were running out of time and agreed to postpone it to a third workshop.

    And: this time my wife will accompany me. I really excited if she will like it.

    As stated above: esp. the first workshop helped me A LOT in leaving the cult.

  • zev

    Gwen and i met Steven Hassan yesterday, at a fund raiser for meadowhaven, (new england institute for religious research) a place where they help people reintregate back into the real world. www.neirr.org we are fortunate becasue meadowhaven is close enough for us to drive to, and one of the only places of its type here in the states.

    he's a real nice guy, and i have an audio of his speach. its not long, and is about 2.5 meg in size. if you'd like to hear it, email me at [email protected], and i'll send it to you. make sure your email provider can handle an attachment that size, most hotmail accounts DON'T. i will be sending it from my private email as hotmail won't even allow an out going message of that size.

    i was rivoted to the speakers, and after all was done there was no way there was a dry eye in the room. very moving, and very thought provoking.

  • GermanXJW

    Dieter Rohmann who is conducting the workshops in Germany is acquainted to Steven Hassan.

  • myauntfanny


    Can you please tell me where in Germany those are being held?

  • GermanXJW

    The one I will attend is in Pforzheim. There will be another one in Lambrecht(Pfalz) in autumn 2004.

    Both are in the more southern Germany, near to Stuttgart/Karlsruhe where http://www.ausstieg.net is located. "Ausstieg e.V." (Exit Inc.) is the name of the Recovery Group that also runs the Ex-JW-board http://www.infolink-forum.de

    Find more info about the workshops here: http://www.infolink-net.de/index-seminar.htm

    On one of the pictures there you can even find me.

  • GermanXJW

    I have just returned from the workshop which helped me to gain some new insights. The best thing: my wife said she just accompanied me just for me but was very impressed. That was not what she expected (to be very anti-JW and full of hate) and it helped her a lot to understand. I am very happy.

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