Dear Mod105 re: H20 ModUnc

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    Dearest unc

    If memory serves me without deception, methinks that 105 mongrel is that bloody bunyip rootin bloke from Tasi wasnt he?

    No actually it coulda be that fungal wallaby lookalike fuker from mount druitt that did 3 to 5 for public masterbation at penrith mall ?

    In any event mate im backin ya, whatever the rumble's about.

    So 105 i want to bring you up on charges as well, for ummm...bloody sent'nce fuk'n.

    Word nazi SOB

    P.S ( Oh no unc 105 is flippin Kismet, and that priks connected.....were gone mate...bolt to the dunnies and shit yerself

  • DannyBear


    After reading Bathroy's comments, I think I will refrain from the 'big wet one'. All this talk of going to the dunnies and masturbating in the mall, kinda ruined the moment.

    But the idea of going to see Lee is still alive and well. Let's go, better bring Doug along as well...he can moniter any extracaricular kissing that me transpire.


  • unclebruce


    Geez reading your post almost bought tears to my eyes!

    No i don't think Nazi105 is AJW. I can't remember AJ's mod number off-hand but for all his ignorance of JW world Andrew's a gentleman and well above the low life tactics of this particular thought control freak. (AJW deleting posts on polygamy and canabalism as "off topic" would be laughable if not so tragic .. that's about all missionary's in PNG talk about ;) Andrew was a Christodelphian. What was one of them doing moderatiing a JW forum anyhow?

    Kismet ain't so bad either. He was the famous M101. A very good bloke really. He wasn't long out of Bethel service and i think i nearly gave the poor bastard a heart problem. Eventually every moderator cracked. (not all because of my sly "get in thier heads and re-arrange the furniture policy" ;) I knew Mod101 was in trouble as soon as he declared he was in the position of enforcing policy he didn't agree with. Like i say, he's a good bloke and most of us were happy to abide peacefully with his decisions. He was a real linchpin and often, at heavy personal expence and will little sympathy, singlehandedly and quite heroicly kept H20 afloat.

    cheers you mad wombat!

  • waiting

    Well, it's just good to see "That Crazy UB" post here again.


  • sf

    YouuuuuuuuuuuWhooooooooooo, boys, over here....katch me if ya kan kan.

    {{{{{{{{{{ LEE }}}}}}}}}} Get over here and hug the kraps outta me. I have missed you bad.


  • unclebruce

    oooo scally, come here my erotic cyber fantasy , (((((((((((((huggggg))))))))))) ooo baby you're so soft and curvy .. ... lay still while i gently stroke your pulsing ooooo .darling ..loosen up and i'll try not to "tear your blouse and exose your heaving breast" this time lover girl... afterall this is a thread about moderhaters an' prude-ant ol' M101 might be peeping .. (did i really get deleted for that little sentence? just goes to show sex is mostly in the mind of the beer holder lol) ... ouch! ... hurts me .. unc falls off the bed ... .. struggles from his lust induced haze, points accusingly at the woman lying prostrate before him and yells -

    No No No .. that wasn't the way things happened! SCALLYWAGGER it was all your fault you shameless hussy! It was that woman Gawd sent me i says! Get away from me oh jezabaal! It's all come clear to me now ... YOU caused the downfall of the mighty H20! You and your wicked seductive charms luring grown men to the depths of immoral debauchery! Even bolt upright moderators where caught in your nett. By what cunning charms and demonic trickery is it that such a woman as you so easily bends the stiffest resolve of the hardest of good christian men? Confess I say! By what enchanted bewichery and smooth stroking comeliness dids thou bring about the downfall of the high and mighty tower?

    I can hear your cackiling derision now HARLOT! ... "H20 HAS FALLEN SIMONS KINGDOM RULES!!" Be gone from this place at once WITCH! before i set my dogz upon thee and flog you most Focus-less and foul.

    unclebruce almost feeling himself today ..

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    almost feeling himself ....

    Hope your not thinking about Sister Skally while you are "almost" doing that.

  • unclebruce

    I'm NOT feeling myself!!! RF ... honest! and I'm sober as a branch overseer!


    ps: i made it to Bega ok .. and this one hour free internet use at the library is the best fun in town lol.

  • unclebruce

    Hey Scally,

    wanna play epose the moderator? I'll show ya mine if ya show me yours ...

    M? - Cygnus ( nostalgic agnostic? from hayseed arkansas?)

    M13 - COMF (an antaganistic agnostic gentleman from Texas)

    M55 - AJW (uptight Christodelphian gentleman from Adelaide .. how'd he get in there?)

    M50 - Pronger (didn't cross paths enough for my failing memory)

    M101 - Kirsten (great bloke, very strict.. bethelite between religions ;)

    M105 - Name unknown. my guess- "NewLight2" (crazy feral scumbucket from under i know not what rock)

    M108 - Esmerelder (sensitive caring adorable shy opera singing kinda person)

    ... um .. your turn .. hey, i know mine are all common knowledge but that's the only kind i got! (<--- hope this face don't remind ya of farkel too much)

    ps: who let that bloody orange cat in here?

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