Its about the abuse victims stupid...

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  • kelsey007

    Simply stated Mr Bowen should leave some of his judgements and thoughts to be shared with only his wife and very close friends. Given the spotlight that he has put himself in he is doing a lot of damage to his reputation and credibility. My heart goes out, not to Mr Bowen- he took this road by choice- but to the abuse victims that he claims to offer aid and support to. They are the ones who will be most hurt by all the negatism around silent lambs due to some of the public statements and letters atributed to Mr Bowen. They are the ones that this cause is suppose to be centered around-

    In all due respect to Mr Bowen- maybe he needs a good PR person. Hey Bush has to have one- left untethered Bush's mouth could really ruin his credibility. (i.e. **** is a major league ass hole)

  • WildHorses

    With all due respect, Kelsey,

    Maybe Bill misunderstood what was said to him by Ray? I do know one thing though. All this Bill bashing is making it hard for him to come and apologize. I know I would be afraid to step into this den of wolves to say I was sorry.

    Can we not give him the benifit of doubt until he has a chance to explain himself?

  • Dutchie

    Thank you Lilacs. A voice of reason.

    I feel the same way.

  • plmkrzy

    Well I for one would not take lightly anyone accusing me of being a person who wrote the book on successfully molesting and raping women children AND WHAT AM I GONNA DO ABOUT IT!

    That's beyond bold and to make a public statement of such before even taking the time to find out if it's even true is despicable


  • Windchaser
    Mr. Bowen stated in the Hillary Step thread: From day one I have never defended myself from personal attacks, I have only defended when victims are attacked or what the purpose of silentlambs as an organization is. I will continue that venue. For those of you who have questions raised in your minds, I think the record to date is all I have to stand on. It is my wish to help people not hurt them, to bring people together for a positive purpose in helping protect children. I have no ill will toward HS he of course is entitled to his opinons, if you email or call me I will be glad to address any concerns you may have about silentlambs or the direction that we intend to go in the future...silentlambs

    I'm guessing this is his stand.

  • WildHorses


    just think how much presure Bill has been under all this time. Stress will make you do strange things. He needs someone to help him with the Silentlambs cause. It's to much work for him alone now that it's grown so much.

  • kelsey007

    Lilacs- maybe you do not understand the word "attributed". I hae no way of knowing what Mr Franz said. In each of my post in regards to this issue I have made that point.

    Though I can personally say that Mr Bowen has and does bash others who do not agree with him, I also know that silent lamb supporters seemingly cannot stand criticism of their leader. That is why I do my utmost to NOW word my post very tactfully and still provide a bit of my thought in them.

    As to Mr Bowens apology- that does not interest me. Certain things that he stated to me in conversations were not statements from a "kind" "caring" "sympathetic" person. But rather than having an apology I would have that silent lambs gets about its business of ading abuse victims and reserve their personl opinions of some who are not on Bill's bandwagon to bed room talk. Mr Bowen has brought all this criticism into the public arena through his own conduct. He has put himself in the spotlight- brought serious accusations toward others and spoken harsh words to many here. Due to the postition HE has put HIMSELF in HE must out of position as an aid to abuse victims bridle his tounge or be forced to loose his credibilty. Better to have these criticisms brought from fellow ex-jw's who support the silent lambs cause than to be brought by the WT- who we should be certain is taking careful note of all the actions of Mr Bowen.

  • WildHorses


    I am neither for nor against Bill. I do not know him personally. I do know that my child was molested so, that is who I am for. (the Victoms) As it should be. The victoms are the ones who should be praised because without them coming forward this evil done by the WT would not have brought out into the open.

  • kelsey007

    Lilacs I will not attempt to write about all the abuse my family suffered at the hands of the WT. I will share that my kissing cousin was abused by her ms jw dad, my uncle. He was slapped on the hand. The issue was not reported. My cousin was labeled a "loose" woman and the trauma lead to her untimely death at age 32. Her and I were both born on the same month of the same year- But I cannot support the "attutude" of Mr Bowen in respect for her memory. As I have stated before- The respect for Mt Franz that I have is not so much due to where he stands on any particular issue- it is because he has carried himself with dignity and as a genttleman thoughout.....

  • WildHorses

    I agree with you about Ray.

    Kelsey, I guess all I am saying is that I don't want to judge anyone. Not even Bill, who I see many are upset with at this moment. After all, he is just a mere man.

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