The Truth About Life Is Stranger Than Fiction

by Zechariah 27 Replies latest jw friends

  • pomegranate

    FD, your reasoning is sound.

    But, I believe until this is fulfilled:

    Gen 1:28
    God blessed them and said to them, "Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth

    ...that the earth will be in it's state of good/bad flux, until the earth is FILLED according to an actual number of conceived people that God had pre-conceived in mind.

    The seed (Adam and Eve) will have to grow (all other people) to fullness before the good/bad harvest.

    NO FEAR.

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  • Zechariah


    Your reasoning is backwards. You think that choosing to not be afraid by believing is being afraid. What sense does that make. Its being wise to believe things that benefit you. With God on my side I have nothing to fear. If you want to say I'm afraid not to believe I won't argue with you. It is only a wise choice on my part.

    If it were not for God holding back Satans hand and limiting the damage he does no man would live. This is what he had to do involving Job. God let Satan know he had limits in what he would allow Satan to do to Job. God was giving Job the opportunity to prove himself in a way that would benefit him everlastingly.


  • Realist


    zech seems to be aware of spirits' and god's activity in everything that happens...may it be a cow dung dropping, an apple falling from a tree or a person not being killed in hiroshima because of a lucky coincidence.

    i think it is pointless to try to make such a blinded person see. and besides he seems to be happy with this i think we should just let him be!

  • Sentinel

    Hi Zech,

    It's nice to meet up with one more enlightened human being!

    You express everything so concisely and correctly. I want to print this out and keep it.

    Thanks again!


  • Zechariah


    You certainly are a empathetic guy. Even though you can't really appreciate how it is to be me. You're description is accurate. I dont know about the cow dung thing. Lets see.

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  • funkyderek
    You don't know how good I feel you and Funkyderek are giving me this break.

    I'm not going to give you a break, Zechariah. While you continue to post nonsense, I'm going to continue telling you it's nonsense.

  • Zechariah

    Ah Shucks.....


  • funkyderek

    Nothing personal, of course!

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