Christmas Tree on not to Tree

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  • terabletera

    no Beans! DONT change that picture. Tera likes that picture.:)

  • BrotherFlanders

    Funny how so many of you on other threads say you don't worship God, yet you celebrate X-mas, which is supposedly the celebration of Jesus' birthday.

  • jgnat

    Here is a page on the lovely historical story of the origins of the song, Silent Night. Be sure not to miss the link to The Carol, chock full of music links, sure to put you in the mood.

  • Shakita

    Plan is: buy a not so big tree this year(first tree in 25 years), try to not feel guilty(left over from the brainwashing), and have FUN(something to be punished severely for)

    Merry Christmas!(just practicing)

    Mrs. Shakita

  • jurs

    Whats more important............ your kids having a X-mas tree for the first time. Which by the way is very important to them. or worrying about what the JW's think. Do you want to teach your kids that you have to hide and be sneaky about things? Are you really going to enjoy and let your kids enjoy the holiday or are you going to go about it luke warm and dampen what could be alot of fun. PUT YOUR KIDS FIRST , their long overdue. Don't want to sound hard on you, I deprived my kids of xmas too. They celebrated last year for the first time when they were 11 and 12. I wept out of guilt!!!


  • TruckerGB

    Heres a slightly different angle on Christmas trees.

    I have never been a dub so I have always celebrated Christmas,but some of the things we use have their origins pre Chrisianity,the trees being one of them,one other is Mistletoe,they come from the ancient pagan rites for fertility and rebirth and somehow got incorporated into the Christian celebrations.

    I have no problem with that,A kiss under the mistletoe,Great stuff.

    Go for it.


  • Shakita

    jurs........Whoa......try to go easy on the newly deprogrammed!

    Some of us who have left a life behind, still have family very much in. We choose to take baby steps on our way to freedom. Others choose to jump right in. Don't judge others before you know their own personal situation.

    Lighten up and Merry Christmas to you and yours,

    Mrs. Shakita

  • jurs


    I guess I do come across a bit gruff but the way I look at it is her kids should be her main concern. They're getting older and that opportunity is going to forever lost. I think one was 17 years old!! This is it. I think its healthy to cut the apron strings about how her parents and the congregation might react. Its a normal grownup thing to do. jurs

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