How many MS & ex-MS are here or lurking?

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  • RunningMan

    I was an MS between 96 and 99, when I stepped down. I gave four public talks, and did all the rest of the MS BS.

  • zev

    jst2laws got me, but i'll cast my vote.

    i held all the postions of a ms, except accounts.

    i stepped down, and when i get some more time, i'll tell an interesting story aboput what i did when i stepped down.


    I served as a m.s for 8 years in 1999 i step up and

    left the org and da'd myself. Just got tired of there B.S

    did the music, talks, mics ,accounts there is other

    bs i did but forget awe just #$@% them

  • jimbob

    I guess you better count me in. Was an MS from 92 til 98. I tried to quit in 97, but they wouldn't let me. At that time I had an elder in my hall tell me that it's hard to get into the "club", but once you're in, they won't let you leave. (Of course the exception to that is getting df'd) That statement from that elder will always stick with me. That's exactly what it is.......a club. A good ol' boys club.

  • jimbob

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot.....I used to do the accounts. And you know what I used to do?????? I used to pocket all of the cash that got contributed for the month, and then write a check in it's place........that way, I had written documentation to my enormous donations I made each month that were tax deductible. I was so bad!!

  • minimus

    Were any of you disappointed (at the time) that you weren't elders?

  • Satanus

    I was an ms for about 5 yrs. I stepped down 'cuz i couldn't resist playing w peter. Silly me. Whatever.


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  • hamptonite21

    I was a MS for about a year and a half, then removed for conduct unbecoming a christian (I started bartending) oops!

  • minimus

    Were you bartendering in a strip club? a casino property???..........Now you can't be a bartender?

  • No Apologies
    No Apologies

    8 years, 2 congs. also pioneered for 4-5 years.

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