How Much to Reveal to JWs?

by patio34 13 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Pathofthorns

    I don't think a person can keep up a charade indefinitely. Eventually you either get caught pretending or you get tired of faking it.

    I have found simply stating that you are "taking a break" from the routine works well in many cases. But it is good to avoid saying too much as to why.

    I just say I felt I needed to take one and that I feel quite good getting away from all the politics and stresses. You might have to take a few lectures but they often find themselves in a difficult spot trying to get you to go back to the misery they so often hate as well.


  • butalbee

    Reveal nothing.

  • patio34

    Hi Larc, Thanks for the reply. I was afraid the package fell thru the cracks.

    Hi PlmKrzy, That was such an excellent reply. JWs' conditioning is what I'm feeling, in addition to being a basically honest person. First they had 28 years of my life, then my family, then my grandkids, and now I'm supposed to feel guilty because I don't agree with them any more?!? That's plumb crazy!!

    Hi Path, That, too, is great advice and I intend to use it if pressured to tell "all."


  • patio34

    Hey Butalbee, that's the better course of action.

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