Elders to discuss Rand Cam - Info Req'd

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  • OhHappyDay

    How was your meeting?

    If U still need stuff about UN pleasemail me privately, I have some special letters to share with u.

    (Only 4 Kaytee)


    Hello OhHappyDay - we have just emailed you but the message has been returned to us. Have you changed your address?

    To everyone -

    I'm sure that you will all be surprised to know that no issues were resolved at the meeting last week.!! The discussions lasted four hours -

    The number one issue (UN involvement) - they couldn't see any problem with the WT being a member for 10 years, event though they admitted that if my wife and I were belonging to a political party for any length of time, we would be disfellowshipped. Many lame excuses were put forward by them.

    We discussed paedophilia, and naturally, they had to agree fully with the seriousness of the subject, which anyone in his right mind would do any way!. but they said that they would immediately contact the police if it happened in their cong. but when questioned about this, they admitted that they would contact the Legal dept. first.

    Failed prophecies - we showed them the many failed prophecies in one book alone - Live Forever book - one elder said "oh that's old hat now, things have changed since then, the light has got brighter", even though this book was studied only ten to eleven years ago. We asked them - did Jehovah supply the faithful & discreet slave with wrong info and then change his mind later on! No reply. Many times we kept bringing them back to Deut. 18 v 20-22. but they kept on evading the obvious meaning behind this scripture.

    Shares in warfare - we had ready, all of the printed information to show them - thanks to all that helped with this, it was very much appreciated. One elder admitted that he was sure that we had got together all legitimate stuff, and that it was the first time that they had come across this information, we had photocopied two sets of all of the info (everything) for them to take away and read at their leisure. They took the copies with them and we are awaiting their response. One elder did liken it, to the paying of taxes, and couldn't see that owning shares is voluntary and controllable, whereas paying taxes is mandatory.

    Disassociation - we asked them to show us where in the scriptures do they find this statement. You could have heard a pin drop!!

    There was much. much more discussion during the four hours, but nothing was achieved.

  • Pathofthorns

    You may have planted seeds of doubt that might lead to any one of them leaving years from now. But it is nearly impossible to make any headway with them in the present, especially if more than one is meeting with you.

    If anything you are nailing your own ass to the wall and that is just fine as long as you went in expecting that.

    If I were you, I would just fade away and cease discussions and any further involvement with any of them. From here on in is where they draw the line and you have to tell them whether you are in or out. Maybe you can just quit while you are ahead? But to each their own.



    Hi Path

    Thnaks for your concern and comments

    We went into this with our eyes fully opened. But after thirty years of being duped and lied to, we wanted to confront them with this evidence. We fully agree with you about their next move, and realise that it could be curtains for us. But then, who with any principles, wants to belong to this sort of org. (one not based on love but on fear of man)

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  • deddaisy
    But then, who with any principles, wants to belong to this sort of org. (one not based on love but on fear of man)

    KAYTEE, your attitude reminds me of an acquaintance's who was recently enlightened regarding the WTS. She was not yet baptized when she checked Regi's SEC Filing for herself, and that in itself was enough for her to walk. When I mentioned to her that if she was baptized she would have been shunned for causing dissension, she replied that she wouldn't have anything to say to people who were willing to shun her anyway.

    The best to you and twinkletoes.

  • Pathofthorns

    Hey Kaytee...

    I just wanted to apologize if I gave the impression the choice you and your husband made to discuss these issues with the elders was somehow a bad decision. I just wanted to make sure you understood before going in what is a likely reaction and I respect what you and your husband ended up doing.

    I do understand your position because mine was a similar one. I felt I had to say some things so they understood why I was ceasing my involvement. I am glad I said what I said for the most part and strangely never was disfellowshipped for the things I carefully said.

    There is a period of time when the elders do sort of listen to you and have a loving concern because they think you have simply become "weak". But once they realize the true nature of what they are dealing with, that "loving concern" turns to a really nasty anger and I think that is sad.


  • Gerard


    I was wondering if the elders threatened you for doubting the WTBTS?



    Hello Gerard,

    It has now been two weeks since the elders came to visit. As I mentioned in my earlier post, we gave them both full documented evidence straight from the UN's mouth etc. They were supposed to go away and read it, but we haven't heard a thing from them, Last week the CO was visiting the cong. (we thought that the subject would have been raised with him, but apparently it wasn't) but we still haven't had any response so far.

    During the four hour meeting, there was one deliberate question put to us "Have you no faith in the Faithful and Discreet Slave" - this was one of the many times that we brought them back to Deut.18. We really don't know what the outcome will eventually be for us, but we made it quite clear that we would not be returning to the KH until (or when!) all the pertinent questions were answered! ......we feel that they can't be.

    Hi Path - we didn't take offence at your comments, in fact they were very encouraging to us, thank you. We are hoping, in some respects, that we too can fade away gradually, as it would allow us to speak to others about the hypocricy and lies in the Org. Whilst we have put-up with over thirty years of lies etc.(by so called spiritual men), we felt grieved when we realised what they are doing to Jehovah. That was the last straw!!

    Kaytee & Twinkletoes

  • Miss_MG

    Hi all,

    just wanted to know if anyone has any information on the infamous James McCann (founder of Rand Cam Engine Corp) and what relationship he has with the WT Org, is he a JW or what?

    miss mg :)

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