Who were the apostates I once saw?

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  • wokeup

    There was a group out in California, 20 or so years ago called 'Christain Prophets of Jehovah' that used to picket the Cow Palace. My mother in law was one of 'um. I didn't think much of it. She was quite delusional and paronoid.

  • Prisca

    I remember seeing "apostates" picketing outside the Warwick Farm Race Course during our assemblies in the 1990s. Would love to know who they were and where they are now.

  • gumby


    I remember seeing "apostates" picketing outside the Warwick Farm Race Course .

    Remember when you were betting on the horse..."LUCKY STAR" at this track and you bought the $10 ticket...a longshot? That was me who slipped you the pamphlet "Jesus is not your mediator say's watchtower".

    Man it's a small world.

  • Prisca

    LOL @ Gumby.

    The horse didn't win btw. Never trust an elder who thinks he knows how to gamble......

  • Satanus

    In edmonton, two guys put leaflets under the wipers of the cars at an assembly where i was an attendant. One day, they walked by a place where i was working. I climbed down the ladder and started asking them questions, like why and what for. They said they were evangelical christians. They were sponsored by an evangelical association made up of churches like baptists and pentles. Strange how some of the ones that give the wt the hardest time are so much like them.


  • Beck_Melbourne

    I remember the planes that used to fly over Eden Park in Auckland New Zealand...they used to have a banner that said something like Jesus saves NOT the Watchtower. Wonder who they were, not that I would join their church.


  • onacruse

    Ballistic, thanks for the reminder.

    Back in the late 70's, not too long before I was first df'd, I was walking out to the parking lot from a DA at the Seattle Kingdome, and there was a guy handing out leaflets. I took one and started talking with him. One "brother" walked by and told me "Don't you know he's an apostate?" I said, "Yeah, so what?" LOL @ the look on bro's face!

    After I was reinstated, yet another DA at Kingdome, and protesters were all over the place. Talking with some folks I'd known for many years, they said "Isn't it disgusting what those people outside are doing?" I said "Well, they're no different from us, just out there proclaiming what they believe to be the truth." LOL @ the looks on their faces!

    Well, one thing led to another, and another, and another, and here I am, FREE AT LAST!

    Like Val said: "If any of them are reading this now, thanks for paving the way."


  • UnDisfellowshipped

    jjrizro said:

    A true David and Goliath scenario and we are doing pretty well for the underdog, wouldn't you say?


    We are the Angels vs. the Yankees, we are the Twins vs. the A's, we are the Cardinals vs. the Diamondbacks!

  • TR

    Yeah, who was that apostate at the Tacoma Dome(USA) with the bullhorn back in the 80s? He used to shout; "WATCH OUT FOR THE WATCHTOWER!"


  • minimus

    You remember the apostates hanging around in Providence, don't you, JJ? Well the ice cream vendors got rid of them all because the Witnesses were instructed to stay away from the apostates which meant stay away from the vendors. The vendors threatened the apostates because they were losing lots of dough. The best "apostate" is the one that LOOKS like they are not mean or flipping out. They SEEM nice. The ranters and ravers were easy to dismiss.

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