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  • blondie

    My life was ruined because I was poor.

    My life was ruined because I was a woman.

    My life was ruined because I was abused.

    My life was ruined because I was JW.

    These statements are only true if I were DEAD and my life were really over.

    My life is today and all your tomorrows that spread out before me.

    Somewhat philosophical, but the only thinking that will stop the rest of my life from being ruined by me.

    I was so much happier after I no longer let my family manipulate me emotionally. And believe me, JW family members do not control the market on emotional blackmail. JWs do it under the guise of having God's backing but you can clear that up by having true accurate knowledge of the Bible.

    So I stopped being a victim. If that means I lost contact with family members and "friends," rest assured they were not healthy to be around. I learned to love myself and found real friends. And realize that family is more than sharing DNA.

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  • minimus

    Blondie, I liked that..I stopped being a victim...........You took control and won't dwell on all the negativity.....A very good example.

  • MegaDude

    Every day outside of the Tower is a good day.

  • Prisca

    My life wasn't ruined because I was a JW. I made some bad decisions as a JW, but I don't believe that my JW past has ruined my life, any more than being losing my mother at a young age, growing up without a mother, being kicked out of home by a spineless father, lack of love shown by said father, unemployment, or a host of other factors have "ruined" my life. All are factors in shaping the life I lead, but how much they affect my future is up to me.

    Our destiny is for us to decide - we have the power to make our own destiny.

  • footprints

    Beings you have ruled out the Watchtower Society as a cause, would you mind telling us why your life is so screwes up??

  • BeautifulGarbage

    Most people, not just JW's, have crap happen in their lives.

    No my life was not ruined. I have some scars, but I'm not ruined. The experience certainly shaped my outlook on some things.

    Yet, many people in my family were terribly hurt by WTS and their policies. That is a fact. Most of these people have been able to built happy and productive lives inspite of what happened to them. Still, the price that they had to pay. There were tremendous obstacles that they had to overcome that otherwise would not have been in place.

    My uncle, a gifted violinist, was forced to refuse a full music school scholarship. Nope, "can't do it" his zealot JW Mom said. That was only one of the things that man had to give up. If he didn't, he was gonna die. He did leave eventually. Now in his seventies and well off, but he is still bitter about what "might have been". Does he harp about it? No, but if the subject is brought up.................

    I could go on and on, but I won't.

    Oh, here's one more.....

    My JW Aunt who is in her 60's. Pioneered for 10 years. The little retirement fund she had is just about gone. She had to go back to work part time. Armageddon was suppose to be here by now. She was suppose to be picking fruit and carrying baskets. Nope. She's taking antidepressants and watching her pennies.

    Do I blame everything "bad" on the WTS? Nope. But, I damn well hold them responsible for the pain they have caused. Period.


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  • Farkel

    : I know of so many people that blame everything on the fact that they were Witnesses.Have a lousy job? It's because you were a Witness. Angry over anything? It's because you were a Witness. Don't own a home? You shouldn't have been a Witness. Got chicken-pox when you were a kid? It's because you were raised a Witness. Drink too much? It's because you're a Witness. On the heavy side? The Witnesses made me eat. People think that you're a jerk? It's because you were a Witness..........And on and on it goes. It's true that some problems may have been due to our being Witnesses, but let's not blame everything bad on being a Witness.

    Bad argument, and full of flaws. Would you like me to embarass you and show you why? Or would you rather play the fool with your nonsense?


  • Prisca
    Bad argument, and full of flaws. Would you like me to embarass you and show you why? Or would you rather play the fool with your nonsense?

    So says the guy who's been out for 30 yrs and carries on like he only left yesterday......

  • mustang

    "Children who are dependent upon adult (parental) guidance and have no voice in their upbringing..."

    I fixed that, got out of the influence of the BULK of them. I voted with my feet.

    "Have a lousy job? Don't own a home?"

    I fixed those, too. Dubs sure didnt help.

    "So I stopped being a victim."

    Me too. Then there was(is) that pesky relative that "dogged me" for 25 years after I left. I finally stopped that demon. I let him know that my Doctor had ordered me to avoid him for medical reasons. And I let him know that he could have gone to prison for his STALKING.

    But for the 50+ years of torture, I will blame the WTS. As far as their doctrine goes, I'll put what I did for WTS AND the torture they inflicted as credit on a TALLY SHEET. I'm convinced that GRACE is good enough and that WORKS are for bonus points. The total of the GRACE, the WORKS and the torture in Gods name is a BILL TO BE PRESENTED TO GOD.


    Who gets angry when looking back on it

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  • Farkel


    : So says the guy who's been out for 30 yrs and carries on like he only left yesterday......

    Once again you lie. I dare you to show any evidence that I EVER implied that I "only left yesterday." You disgust me. You are one of the biggest fakes and liars on this board, and unless you can prove me wrong, my charge still stands.

    Beware the smilie face from "Prisca." The dagger in your back is next. You disgust me, and you ARE a liar. Again. Prove your assertion that I EVER acted like I only left yesterday or apologize to me and this board.


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