Angels Eliminate Yankees. California RULES!!!

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  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    Thank you Animal! Even though my Yanks are out this year at least I won't hear about it from my friends out in Arizona like I did last year. Oh well......

  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    Doesn't St Louis have a chance????????????????

    I though they would be playing against the Angels....

    At least that's what my Brother in LA told me.......


  • Disposable Hero
    Disposable Hero

    St. Louis would only meet the Angels in the World Series if they both win their next series.

    St. Louis has a great chance to win it all. A great team all around. It would be heartfelt win because they lost a pitcher this year, Daryl Kile 33, to a heart defect of some kind. The players all have his number 57 on their ball caps and his jersey is still in his locker.

    It is great the Yankees are out, I don't care who wins everything, as long as the Yankees didn't win it.

  • Bendrr

    Oh those Angels and Yankees!

    I thought you were referring to God's Angels wiping out Northerners.

    Oh well, let's not give up hope yet!


  • NewLight2

    TWINS WIN! ! ! !

    Twins to play the Angels!!

  • benext

    Just goes to show you there's no such thing as buying a pennant.

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