It was all a lie!

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  • Zechariah


    Now you're getting it. What you described is one of my philosophies I have meditated heavily on and concluded they are strange but true realities of life.

    The Whole world is a stage and every man shall play a part. We (mankind) are the actors and spirit creatures are the film makers. God (the creator/Jehovah is the Executive Prodcer). Christ is the Producer and Director). And so on. The Grand Drama of life was written written by God. We are assigned roles to play.

    Etc, Etc. - Details for a later time...

    Modern Day Philosopher

  • back2dafront

    richard bach is a good author - have you read "One"? I haven't read Illusions...I'll hafta ck it out...

  • Navigator

    back2de front

    I've read everything that Richard Bach has written, including One. My favorite part of One is when he winds up helping to burn the "sacred scrolls". There has to be a lesson there.


    You are apparently a Shakespear fan. I seem to remember from high school english:

    "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players

    Each struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more"

    I can't remember the rest, but it was really profound. I'll bet Shakespear didn't stand very well in the Church of England.

  • Satanus


    I'm actually in canada. I put in greenland because it seemed like a good place for a devil to hang out. I have been as far north as baffin island.

    Concerning shakespere, some people claim that he threaded freemasonic ideas through his plays, in opposition to the prevailing church ideas of the time.


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