How do you know Satan didn't inspire the Bible?

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  • OnTheWayOut

    Satan influenced the Bible? No way. God would prevent that just like he prevents innocent children from needless suffering at the hands of natural disasters or pedophile priests. God would stop that just like he stops cancer in faithful believers and stops birth defects.

    God would not allow Satan to do something in "His" name just as He doesn't allow humans to do terrible things in "His" name., wait....... Am I missing something?

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Pete Zahut "Satan didn't paint himself in good light". Well, he only told one lie, other

    then that we have a lot of blame from people that said "Satan made me do it".

  • nicolaou
    James Mixon; Well, he (Satan) only told one lie, . .

    Really? I think I could argue the case that the Satan character didn't tell any lies at all.

  • The_Doctor10

    I'm surprised the borg hasn't posited that Satan planted all of the malicious killings assigned to God, or that it was in fact Satan who killed the people and ascribed it to Jehovah.

    Under this assumption it'd just be:

    Everything good = Jehovah

    Everything bad or that we don't particularly like because we're picky like that = Satan

    Granted, they basically do this now, however you can reach some of them with the stoning commands and other barbaric practices found in the OT. However, if these acts were contributed to Satan instead, there'd be no recourse to rebut their beliefs. They'd be completely stuck in a God = Good, Satan = Bad cycle.

  • The_Doctor10

    @Pete Zahut If it was Satan that wrote the Bible he casted himself in better light by comparison to the way in which Jehovah is presented.

    Jehovah completely owns Satan when it comes to death in the Bible, especially OT Jehovah. Jehovah is a Stalin-esque genocidal maniac, by comparison Satan is just a run of the mill serial killer. Granted, not the best light, but between the two Satan is a saint.

    Jehovah didn't want us to think for ourselves, Satan promoted free-thinking. Jehovah demanded exclusive devotion, Satan required nothing. Jehovah had his own son killed so that he could be able to forgive (wut?), Satan tried to give Jesus the world. As a side note, the fact that Jesus supposedly HAD to be given so that Jehovah could forgive implies that there are things outside of Jehovah's control/power, why couldn't he just forgive without sacrifice? Just go, "I forgive humanity for Adam's sin," boom, done. How hard is that?

    Again, by comparison, Satan comes off looking more like a saint than Jehovah does with his totalitarian dic(k)tator methods found throughout the Bible.

  • Saintbertholdt
  • WTWizard

    Now suppose the damnation book was really inspired of joke-hova, but to enslave the whole human race? People that build their lives around the damnation book have a hard time believing that the god that inspired it, or that is exalted in it, is in fact a tyrant and Satan could be the real Savior. This wicked god joke-hova does everything to force people to believe that everything in that damnation book is good, and that being free is evil.

    The whole book is full of lies. Not mistakes, lies. Our original sin doctrine is a whopper, without which we could not be indebted to this abomination of a god of theirs. Other things made into sins include questioning the whole book (wonder why people cannot turn their backs on the damnation book). Complaining about joke-hova or its measly provisions (slavery) is another whopper of a "sin". How can that lead to salvation?

    And the rubbish contained in this stinking book! That book issues death or hell threats throughout. Do sex wrong, you are damned. Gay people are especially damned. Women are treated as dirty scumbags, right from the beginning. Is that the sort of book you wish to base your salvation on? Or, do you wish to worship the god that this book exalts? You also see animal sacrifices--for what? You see people sold as slaves--with joke-hova's blessing. Is it any wonder Satan is so against this book?

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Again... all of our opinions and the awareness of the existence Satan is based on what it says about him in the Bible.

    If Satan wrote or had an influence on what was written in the Bible, it seems like he would have cast himself in a better light rather than in opposition to God or a deceiver and corrupter of mankind.

  • OrphanCrow
  • BU2B
    I always wondered this. Mormons believe Satan has blinded those who are not of their faith and they are "worldly" Amish believe that Satan has blinded and decieved the "English" The Westboro Baptist Church believes the same. How can JWs tell that they are not being blinded as well?

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