another first for eyegirl and I........

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  • LyinEyes

    That is a wonderful feeling, all the "first" that come in your life. No wonder kids(non jw) are so happy most of the time, all the things to look forward to.

    We just had our son Chance's birthday , he was 8 and it was his first celebrated b/d party. Just saying that makes me feel so sad and ashamed, but I know, we were stupid braindead culties.

    The fun we had, and the smile on his face is one of those priceless , forever in my heart and mind pictures.

    Ya'll have a blast and do watch Eyegirl, she might end up snoozing in the bird bath or something.

    So what shall we call the brother, he must have a JWD nick too?

    Scooterboy, Eyeboy, Iscotterboy, ScooterBro, EyeBro, SeesterBro,( that is what Eyegirl calls ya , her.. seeeeester lol , so cute) ,,

    have funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, drive safe,,,,,,,,,,, take pics,,,,,,,,,,,,,toast one for all of us apostates.

    You other seeeesterrr Dede

  • Swan

    That's so cool!

    Have a great time!


  • BeautifulGarbage

    Wishing both of you a lovely time.

    Today is my sister's birthday. We have no childhood birthday memories either. In fact, we were not very close for many years because of how we were sometimes pitted against each other and just the general chaos we grew up in.

    Things are better now. But it took years of healing for both of us.

    May the three of you celebrate many more birthdays to come!


  • imanaliento

    it's wonderful to hear that as adults and siblings, you guys are making new memories. have a safe trip and a great time.

  • Francois

    Scooter and Eye,

    I musta missed sumpin' about your mom? But it does seem that, um, there isn't any love lost there. I take it she was the motivating force who jerked everyone out of the sack and stuffed them into the car for those early Saturday "field service" meetings.

    Or was it worse than that?

    A combination of my mother's attachement to the JWs and my father's total maladjustment left my family of origin nothing but dried bones in the shape of what a family should be. There's no love lost between any of us. And my best friend in the JWs, a guy I regarded as a real brother, turned his back on me when I decided the JWs were fulla shit.

    Anyway, life goes on.


  • eyegirl

    thank you everyone for wishing us well the party was great, and yes, we got just a bit drunk. heehee. our brother has some really great friends that are a lot of fun to party with. we'll be sure to post some pics asap.

  • musky

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