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    The weather here in Ca was very nice today, warm not too hot, cools off nice in the evenings

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    Way to go AGuest!!!!!!!!

    You are my hero for today

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    Shelby darling, I love ya like a sister ya know that. ((((big happy huggy wuggy)))) .. it's that dam Lord of yours i'm worried about .. ya know that too though don't ya .. i'm invited out to a chinese resturaunt tonight .. i'll raise a glass to you sis .. you sure can kick ass .. (side affect seems to be you attract us warped guys like moths to the flame lol)

    love ya as always sis! uncle skunky wunky

  • outnfree


    I, for one, thought the registered letter idea a GREAT one! And I have no problem as to Whom you wish to attribute it. I don't know if silentlambs has the funds to accomplish it, nor if it fits in with Bill's plans. There are some times when I'm puzzled at his tactics, but one must admit that he has succeeded very well in publicizing the WT's faulty policy -- on an international scale no less!!! -- and in helping JW survivors of child molestation to get on the road to healing. He has succeeded far beyond what I would have thought possible, and I am grateful that he's not finished yet!

    Someone mentioned that this is all a chess game. Well, Bill knows his adversary very well (as do his advisors) and that is all important in game-winning strategy. Getting media attention is getting under the Society's skin, and they certainly deserve to suffer from the blighted, festering wound that pedophiles in their midst has caused in the congregations.

    I also considered your thoughtful remarks on how some victims of abuse and their families will react to the Watchtower's counterattack to the media scrutiny. I think you may be right in some cases, which will be an unfortunate fall out. Yet, in one that I know of, an abuse survivor and her parents (father an elder) FINALLY felt empowered to pursue her molester some 15 years later because the Society FINALLY SAID, in February 2002, that congregation members "have the absolute right" to report abuse to the police. Until that letter came out, the family had NOT reported, for fear of bringing reproach on Jehovah's name.

    I hope, too, as a participant in the 2002 March, that what we do in the way of raising consciousness about the issue will prevent other families from being sucked into the organization. There are many other, better, ways to worship God, if one is so inclined, than by becoming a Jehovah's Witness. Plus, it was an amazing bonding experience for all the attendees. Fear and loneliness were cast aside as we unitedly put the "Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses" on notice that their policies were not only inadequate but positively damaging to the flock and that, as "spiritual shepherds" they should be ashamed.

    Peace to YOU, Shelby,


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