Bill Bowen, Who Are the Five?

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  • IslandWoman

    Bill's letter stated:

    With the current the allegation that Theodore Jaracz is a child molester, this now brings to five the number of Governing Body members who are alleged child molesters.

    Who are the five alleged child molesters who have been or are Governing Body members?


  • stichione

    Please do spill the beans!

  • bay64me

    Oh my god, this gets more horrific each time I log on to this site.

    Is this really true.....5 members of the governing body are accused of child molestation?

    If this is true then we all should be made aware of it!

  • Searchin50

    I know one was Ewart Chitty or Greenlees

    that was a long time ago, but i guess that dosen't matter.

    I can't remember if they were on G B or not

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Leo Greenlees may certainly be one - he was on the GB and he was accused years ago and left Bethel.

    As for the identity of the others - I do not know, nor am I in a hurry to know.

    Yes, like you I have a morbid curiosity about this, and I will do the "happy dance" the day these men are literally and figuratively exposed in public, but I think we ought to await the outworking of the slowly turning wheel of justice. It may grind slow, but it grinds very very fine.

    Please be patient.

    "Be still, and see your salvation..."

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  • ISP

    They are probably on the list for misdemeanours in their wonder the WTS doesn't want the list published........and why we should!

    How many are in positions of responsibilty...when WTS official policy is that they should not be?


  • IslandWoman


    like you I have a morbid curiousity aboutthis,

    I do not have a morbid curiousity about this. I am only asking for further clarification. This is a serious allegation, one which deserves more than just a glancing comment by Bill Bowen.


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    No, Island Woman, I think it's a morbid curiosity.

    You are neither the defendant nor the plaintiff or a member of the press, or an academic researcher.

    Neither you nor any member of your family are currently "at risk" from any one of these superannuated geriatrics.

    You only want to know because you only want to know.

    Just like me.

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  • IslandWoman


    LOL, now you know me? Man what planet did you fly in from? Hey, big news! There's no way to really know anyone on little discussion boards. No man, I'm not curious. I'm only looking for truth and fairness.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    There were charges and a court case against Russell. See: Cut and paste into the address bar for the whole address

    Questions have been raised about the age of the person involved and whether she was a minor

    Greenlees In 1984, Governing Body member Leo K. Greenlees was convicted by the rest of the Governing Body of molesting a young boy. The boy's parents had complained to the Society and it finally took action.

    Allegations have been made of Chitty for different sexual "offences" although I believe he was asked to resign for homosexuality with young new Bethelites. If someone knows the reference for this could you please post it. I can only find the picture on Randy's site that says he was forced to resign but not the reason

    And we have the recent allegations about Jarcraz

    But I have no idea about the fifth

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