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  • WTinfiltrated

    Enrico Frassinetti is an Italian disfellowshipped for fraud



  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Signore Frassinetti must be pissing off someone at the WTS.

    Go 'Rico!

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  • pomegranate
  • unclebruce

    I love* erico frangappagnii's posts, he reminda me about when i was a little boy growing up amoungst the peasant italianos back in adelaide .. of course they never thought of barcodeing tomatoes or carrying on about sex sex sex in those dayas.

    uncleo pinion bruso (equal friend of lunatics and wise guys)

    *love: defined as smiling enjoyment derived from reading thoughts of the totally insane lol.

  • enricofrassinetti

    Excuse me..........WTInfiltraded.

    Who is that have informed you that i am been disfelloshipped for fraud?

    Are you sure of not have interest to catch me slanderousness?

    Attention!!!!!!! Not is correct give these informations, without say who is you!

    For all.............. my disfelloshipping is only for "New Light" that go against the Satan Economic System.

    Who is that has interest to defends it?

    Probably, who search of to stop this dangerous divulgation, is the answer.

    Sincerly love agape.

    Enrico Frassinetti

  • unclebruce

    Enric Frangapagni,

    I very disapoint in you! If you gonna be disfellowship, should be for pornia erotica or comprimisa doggy style permiscua, no for new light from shine in your windows!!! You don't shouldn't keep to follow me everywhere on the internet and you keep to say you a prophet to yourselfish!

    You make me ashame to carry italiano genetica and i will not be sent for you the $3,000.00!

    not bin disqualified, uncle brusco

  • unclebruce

    i sincerly love a grapa

  • DannyBear

    Kiss my toes, unclebruce is back!

    Geez man where you been? Just good to hear your Aussie irreverent self again!

    Missed you mate!


  • unclebruce

    escusso me enrico, i gotta go hug a bigbear

    g'day dannybear,

    I been putting rocks on top of each other in the forest (building this way is like some huge jigsaw puzzle .. sometimes like three jigsaw puzzles mixed up .. but it's starting to look good. The look is ending up a bit like dry stone wall. (i'm using black oxide in the mortar and raking the joints deep)

    I'm going to be at it for a few years to come. I've been accepted into uni (woolongong university now have a campus in Bega and I'm aiming at being qualified to teach in 4 years or so)

    I hoped to have a few pictures up by now but things go very slow in the bush (us locals are convinced there's some kinda time warp/twilight zone thing going on down in the valley .. days turn into weeks and before you know it it's xmas ;)

    I saw your name in another thread and was about to pounce on yer! lol

    how about you ol' boy watz 'appn'n?

    cheers to ((((you and mrs bear)))), unc.

  • DannyBear

    UncleB I just sent an email.

    Gotta say that dry-set stonewall must be a huge project, if your going to be at it for another year or so! The black mortar set deep, should give it some 3d effect...bet it is gorgeous.

    Just from the pictures Ive seen of your homestead, I can just visualize the wall....someday I would like to visit the finished project.

    Are you still going ahead with the gold mine project?

    It is so good to have you posting again....we need your unique perspective here. Everyone including me has gotter real serious as of late.......lots goin on since your last visit. Can you stay for awhile this time?

    HappyBear and a few ((((((((((((((LEE)))))))))))

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