More Talk About SEX, Baby!

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  • Englishman

    I was listening today to the Jimmy Young Show on Radio 2. Apart from the fact that Jimmy Young wasn't present, the show followed it's usual pattern of righteous indignation against teenagers, asylum seekers, unmarried young mothers and the unemployed.

    Todays topic was sex education.

    How old should children be before they know about sex? Or should I say, be told all about sex?

    I could't believe what I was hearing. "Children who are told about sex at 10 years old become promiscuous when they are older". "Ban sex education in schools!" "Tell 'em nothing, just know where they are at all times".

    I mean, do people really think like this?

    We taught our boys all about sex as soon as they could put 3 words together. Sex was such a normal thing for adults to enjoy, it was how we had YOU, kids. Sex was never a big deal for our family, it was always a totally normal activity, a very matter of fact occupation that was better than King prawn curry.

    From age 3 the boys had a sex education, including pics of those little tadpoles that made babies.It was just a normal, instinctive thing for us to do, to teach our children about the birds and the bees right from the start.

    What do you think, should we hide the facts of life from our children?

    Maybe, just maybe, hiding things away is what leads to the fascination with porn in later years.



  • joannadandy

    Just to prove statistics can be skewed in ANY direction you wish...

    I haven't seen either of these studies, but I head that people who don't talk about sex, don't go to sex education, are more likely to NOT use birthcontrol of any kind. They are simply unaware, or niave about sex. So they are getting either preggers or STD's. (so the idea that NOT talking about it will stop them from having sex is insane. They are still having sex, they are just not doing it safely)

    I am not familar with this show Eman, but from the way you described it I would guess these people are all against abortion, and protecting the fetus and what not, so why would they be against sex ed if it can teach these kids to use protection and not have to even think/worry about an abortion.

    Just thought I would share that...

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  • SpannerintheWorks


    What are you worrying about? I think you've handled the subject with your boys brilliantly !


  • Englishman

    Cheers, Joanna & Spanner,

    Here's the embeded site:

  • joannadandy

    E-man I didn't investigate the site too closely, is this guy basically the English equivelant of a Rush Limbaugh?

    A conservative Republican type?

    LOL...pardon this litle american who knows little of the european world...

  • Englishman


    We'd normally describe him as Right Wing.


  • outoftheorg

    Talk about sex!!

    Well I am in my sixties and still have good sex with a willing wife.

    However, I really don't know much about sex! My ex wife will confirm that.

    In all my years I have only learned one thing I am sure of.

    If a man is getting sex, sex is not a big issue.

    If he is not getting sex, SEX IS A VERY BIG ISSUE.

    That is all I know about sex that I am sure of.


  • Disposable Hero
    Disposable Hero

    I think that sex should be talked about with children by parents and schools at about the age of 10. If this is something left alone then there will be an increase in pregnancies and STD's. I remember in high school, every year we would get a speaker that was invovled with a drinking and driving accident. But there were still teenagers that would drink and drive and there were accidnets but nobody was seriously hurt in my age group, but not everybody is as lucky. The same goes for sex at a young age, everybody knew of the dangers but kids still did it. Teenagers have the attitude that they can be invincible and "it can't happen to me". Unwanted Pregnancies and STD's and other emotional trauma will always happen to some teenagers when they are sexually active and that will never change. But with education at an early age, the percentage of this happening would be less.

  • Francois

    Sex education should be performed by the state in the first grade if the parents haven't - or maybe even if the parents HAVE.

    In high school, my girl friend and I knew NOTHING about sex. We thought the safest time was directly in the middle, between periods.

    I rest my case.


  • Sentinel

    Wow, what a topic!

    Proper education about sex is as important as brushing your teeth, maybe even moreso!

    Children are naturally inquisitive. When they are small, sometimes we mistake their simple questions, and make a big deal out of it. Keep it simple. Tell the truth, but remember their age. As they grow, your answers can grow with them.

    My mother was very prudish, and neither of my parents discussed sex in front of us. We were naturally inquisitive, and were brushed away as being "too nosey". When I was thirteen, I started my period. My mother had told me absolutely nothing. I had to learn the "facts" from a neighbor lady.

    The only think my mom ever told me was "one day you will get married. The man will dominate you, and make you do ugly things. You will hate it, but you will have to do it. Then you will have babies". Of course, about that time, she began to study with JW's, and the only advice we got about the other sex, was "don't let them touch you!. Keep yourself chaste or no good man will want you when you marry." We didn't learn any good sound information about the differences between the sexes, mentally and physically. We only learned JW dogma, which left little, if any, room for personal self exploration or experimentation in a safe way.

    If a young witness girl took "the pill", she was considered labeled. She might have even been considered for disfellowshipment. So, the nieve little witness, stressed beyond belief, with normal hormones, and the expectations of finding true love, got "caught" unprepared. That happened to me.

    So, I believe it's very important to know your children well, and talk to them about sex openly and honestly. Don't wait until they hit puberty to do this. If it's done right, they will learn to respect their parents, and will have better relationships with the opposite sex, leading to a good foundation for marriage and commitment later on.


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