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  • jeannie

    How do I get those cute little icons that you all use??? hugs jeannie

  • abbagail

    Hellooo Again Jeannie! I will definitely be writing you, have been wanting to since I got back home. I was trying to gather up all the URLs of all the pics online, and info, etc. to zap to my Mom and one of my sisters who have already written (before I even got back) asking HOW DID IT GO???

    Also, I wanted to watch the video last night that Simon put on this board but couldn't get it to work on my computer. Still looking for that thread to see if I got an answer.

    Your comment in Erica's thread cracked me up (about the taxi = in/out, in/out, in/out!) LOL!!! (Hey, no prob! I'm not made out of sugar so I don't melt in the rain!)

    To answer your Q about the emoticons... Not sure if it's the same on everyone's computer, but in the reply window where I am right now (writing this reply), at the very bottom left of the reply-window are two short sentences in "blue/hyperlink" and they say:

    --and right next to that--

    So next time you are in a reply-window writing a reply, look and see if you see what I am talking about, and let us know if you got it figured out.

    Also, in case you are not aware of it yet, each member can only create two NEW THREADS in a 24-hour period/FYI. And...

    Each member can only REPLY to a maximum of 30 threads in a 24-hour period. (I have actually hit the 30-limit-mark about 3 times now, since I joined. It's usually when I do one of those "stay online for 15 hours" deals.)

    Also, there is a Tech Support section of the forum (you can see it from the home page), and there are other threads in there of people asking various "how to questions" that may come in handy in the future. I still haven't figured out HOW do you make the FONT SIZE LARGER in a post. I don't know how to write the "coding" to make that happen. I keep asking but I've never gotten an answer yet...

    Well, lemme shut up so you can get the answer you need if you're still online.

    LOVE YA!

    PS: BTW, I tried several times to go to your website, linked up there by your profile info, but it always tells me, "The specified server cannot be found." So I went to the main page of the address in your URL, and clicked on "members," and looked under J and K, but didn't see your name.

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