Jw role during armageddon

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  • Realist

    LOL ..they actually planned which house they wanted to occupy??? pretty sick puppies!

    well i will let you know what the official role will be during the great tribulation...that is if he lets me in on the secret!

  • MikeMusto

    Is it me ..or am I the only one who never understand A Paduan's posts.

  • Realist

    Mike its not just you

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    JW's will settle the long-standing debate about whether a dry rub or a mop sauce is best on BBQ'd "long pig."

    (It won't be just the birdies feasting, Clarice.)

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  • RunningMan

    If I understand this correctly, A Paduan is saying that their role will be to set an example.

    But, since they're the only survivors, who will they be an example to.

    If that's not what he means, then, I haven't got a clue what he's talking about.

  • gumby

    JW's believe they will do nothing as Jesus,....Jehovah's executioner, will do it all with his angels.

    Remember when Elisha saw all the Assyrian armies surrounding them and it looked as thought the Israelites were doomed? Jehovah opened his eyes and he saw Myriads of angels that far out numbered the adversaries. He said....".you will not need to fight,...stand still and see the power of Jehovah." This supposedly portrayed the events before Armaggedon.

    What would the dubs fight with anyway? They are not supposed to have weapons for protection. They haven't ever fought when persecuted such as with the Holocost. Time and again, the society's opiniopn on this is......Jehovah will to the fighting......NOT his people.

    There used to be the thought that there would be" a message of doom" by the dubs just before Armaggedon and the "door to the ark would be shut". That idea has since changed I believe.

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