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    Quick review of several other Books on the Watchtower.

    "The Sword And The Spirit (Jehovah's Witnesses Expose The 3rd Reich)" - Watchtower Bible & Tract Society: Pure Watchtower propaganda. "This is the text of the slide lecture presented at the United States Holocaust Museum, Washington D.C., by James N. Pellechia, associate editor of Awake! Magazine, on September 29, 1994".

    "Bible Students In Britain: The Story Of A 100 Years" - A. O. Hudson: A well researched account of the British Bible Students from the start of the movement to the present day. It contains a lot of detailed accounts like what happened after Russell died, what Rutherford was like and also the hilarious account of a huge Bible Student convention early on in Rutherford's reign where on noticing that people in the crowd were murmuring against him, he yelled "Will all the dead ducks leave". After yelling that out, half the convention got up and left!!!

    "30 Years A Watchtower Slave" - William Schnell: Schnell's detailed account of what life was like during Russell's and Rutherford's reign. Contains all the details on how the Watchtower has grown to as big as it has today. Not as hate filled as some make out to be.

    "Millions Now Living Will Never Die" - Alan Rogerson: An unbiased study of Jehovah's Witnesses as at 1969. Contains a full account of their history and beliefs. Last half of the book deals with events during Knorr's reign as Watchtower President. This book could be considered a continuation of "30 Years A Watchtower Slave".

    "Held By The Watchtower" - Susan Thorne: Contains the author's account from how she became a JW to how she left the JW's and beyond. Covers everything from subliminal images to legalism.

    "Gentile Times Reconsidered" - Carl Olof Jonsson: This book blows the Watchtower's chronology right out the water!!! Contains everything you wanted to know about Babylonian archaeological documents but were too afraid to ask. Also contains a biblical discussion of the "seventy-year" prophecy. Well researched.

    "The Sign Of The Last Day's" - Carl Olof Jonsson: Discusses all of the signs Jesus mentioned in his Mount of Olives discourse and how they fit in with history. Also contains a discussion on the myth of the "composite sign", the Mount of Olives discourse and Christ's 'Parousia'. Another well-researched book by the author.

    "Jehovah Talk" - David A. Reed: Dictionary on Jehovah's Witnesses Orwellian mind control language.

    "Jehovah's Witness Literature" - David A. Reed: Detailed listing and discussion of Jehovah's Witness literature from the 1870's to 1993. Needs to be updated to cover the new stuff.

    "Index Of Watchtower Errors" - David A. Reed: Lists what the Watchtower has to say about various subjects from their literature. Needs to be updated to cover the new stuff.

    "Where Are The "Great Crowd" Serving God?" - Jon Mitchell: Discussion of Revelation 7:15 and the Greek word 'Naos'. Reveals that the Watchtower society's scholarship is not to be trusted at best.


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    Hey THANKS AK! Great little book review you have there. It's a keeper for when I go book shopping!


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    Hey newbies, time to read up!

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